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Bill who? Jameske’s taking a breather so I’ll fill the gap…………

  • A 2.34-million-year-old tool manufacturing site in East Africa may have been the Stone Age’s center for high tech.
  • Imports or home-grown? Ancient DNA helps clarify the origins of two extinct New World horse species.
  • The written language of the Maya shocks scientists with its brutality.
  • The keeping of stingless meliponine bees, bees that symbolize a link to the spirit world, a bequest of the god Ah Muzen Cab, is fading into Maya history.
  • Lettuce was the Viagra of ancient Egyptians, according to an Italian researcher who claims to have solved a century-old archaeological puzzle.
  • The Ancient Egyptians loved their dead animals.
  • Revealed: our friends the Romans did not invade Britain after all.
  • In a dress rehearsal for the rendezvous between NASA’s Deep Impact spacecraft and comet 9P/Tempel 1, the Hubble Space Telescope captured dramatic images of a new jet of dust streaming from the icy comet.
  • Growing flowers is one step towards making the lunar desert an oasis for human life. (Looks like a job for Shadows.)
  • Despite findings by an oversight group that bashed NASA’s unreached safety goals, the agency’s administrator says: “we’re ready to go” on a July 13 liftoff of shuttle Discovery.
  • ‘Our shields are down to 20% captain; we can’t survive another hit.’ Researchers are reviving an old but wild idea to protect astronauts from space radiation.
  • Cassini reveals a lake-like feature on Titan.
  • Scientists are triumphant over extraordinary new images from Saturn and its moons—rivers of methane, ice volcanoes, ferocious storms and more.
  • While searching Aquarius constellation, space scientists say they have discovered an Earth-like ball of rock that could have an atmosphere.
  • A revolution is under way in aerial combat. Tomorrow’s fighter pilots may be ceding the skies to robots.
  • A field of rye in Poland becomes the backdrop for several new crop circles complete with distorted growth nodes and burning discolorization.
  • Experts to check out Trevor crop circle.
  • A good night’s sleep triggers changes in the brain that help to improve memory.
  • Climate change ‘to drown Britain’.
  • Flame retardants are found in breast milk in Australia.
  • Humans destined to practice their own cloning to save mankind from inevitable decline. (Didn’t Rico say there are 6.5-billion of us?)
  • The European Union has rejected new proposals to remove the bans imposed on genetically modified (GM) crops and foods. Federal Agriculture Minister Warren Truss believes the bans are “unscientific” and has again called for them to be scrapped.
  • France will host the world’s first nuclear-fusion reactor. Now we’ve got to invent a nuclear-fusion reactor. Details.
  • Einstein’s Relativity Theory” is ‘holding up’ after 100-years, but facing ‘Competing Theories,’ Duke Professor says. A Remembrance of Things Future: The Mystery of Time.
  • Are you open to a wild idea to fight global warming?
  • The strange lakes of Alaska lakes are linked to heat waves.

Quote of the Day

I do not know what I may appear to the world, but to myself I seem to have been only a boy playing on the sea-shore, and diverting myself in now and then finding a smoother pebble or a prettier shell than ordinary, whilst the great ocean of truth lay all undiscovered before me.

Isaac Newton