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Sorry about the delay and the shortness of the news. Blame woodworm!

  • New theory suggests Hannibal never saw the Alpine Glaciers.
  • Realism or revisionism. Germans revisit the war.
  • The rage of Ludwig.
  • Fakes, frauds, and fake fakers.
  • How to farm stem cells without losing your soul. Picture of a teratoma with developed teeth and nerve tissue. Picture may upset some people.
  • Cannabis drug on sale in Canada. Weird not to just be able to grow the plants and use as medication.
  • Suing to stay on life support.
  • GM cover-up by food agency.
  • Europe’s ancient past revealed.
  • Welsh history has been turned on its head by the discovery of a huge Roman fort.
  • Nightingales to sing at the International Space Station.
  • Anaesthesia can give rise to sex illusion.
  • Russian healer retrieves human power.
  • Sun spots add exclamation point to the electric sun.

Quote of the Day:

Human Dignity has gleamed only now and then and here and there, in lonely splendor, throughout the ages, a hope of the better men, never an achievement of the majority.

James Thurber