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I was so excited about my interview with Ed Kovacs, and the solstice, that I forgot about the Monday news …

  • Tis the Summer Solstice, and I hope much merriment is had by all. Spare a thought for us freezing southerners …
  • John K Vance, the man who uncovered the CIA’s secret LSD project, has gone to the other side.
  • Scotland Yard is investigating claims African children are being sacrificed in macabre rituals.
  • A nun has died after being crucified to exorcise her of demons.
  • The censored stories by an American journalist who entered Nagasaki after it was bombed in WWII have surfaced.
  • Dr Michio Kaku ponders the physics of extraterrestrial civilisations.
  • Is time travel without the annoying paradoxes possible? I turned out okay.
  • Here are some nifty photographs from the Mars Express.
  • A solar-sailed spacecraft powered by photons will have been launched by the time you read this.
  • Does the source of a sustainable energy explain the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle?
  • A new software language uses Artificial Intelligence. Imagine if TDG had AI.
  • A new, complete muscle has been fully grown in laboratory conditions. One piece at a time …
  • Sex researchers convene in San Francisco to discuss moral panics, caused by such charged topics as homosexuality, abortion and sex education.
  • Did Neanderthals suffer moral panics when they bred with early modern humans, or was it love at first sight? There are happily married Republican and Democrat voters, so anything is possible.
  • Did Einstein have a one-in-a-billion brain, and what does it mean for men and women?
  • A bi-gender crab that is literally split down the middle amazes scientists, and disgusts diners at a seafood restaurant.
  • The dangers of modern archaeology. Zahi Hawass is not mentioned.
  • There’s more to Egypt than the Pyramids of Giza: giving Egypt’s Coptic, Greek, Roman and Islamic past a share of the spotlight.
  • St Catherine’s, the world’s oldest monastery, plans to use hi-tech cameras to study ancient Christian texts held within its walls.
  • A temple dedicated to Orpheus in Bulgaria contains unique artifacts.
  • Old-fashioned Roman chariot racing is set to begin in Jordan. Bring back the Christians and the lions, and I’ll bet a denarius and an as!
  • Ancient Greek mythology: one of the earliest forms of science-fiction? I think the Chinese story of Wan Hoo deserves a mention.
  • Romania’s traditional fear of vampires is behind a grim burial practice. My friends are in a knitting group, I can’t wait to tell them about the knitting needles, mwahahahaha!
  • Is there a scientific explanation to explain how the dead can sometimes return to life? It’s called Botox in Hollywood.
  • Saddam Hussein played in a sandbox (his school pal Bush Junior peed in it): studying the sands and summoning jinn, the occult in Iraq.
  • Amulets used for witchcraft in 16th century Russia have been unearthed in the Kaliningrad region.
  • What goes on in a cryptozoology conference? Do they dress up like scifi fans at a Star Trek convention, or is it more academic? Whichever the case, I’d love to go.
  • Are there monsters in a Northwestern Chinese lake? Or are the Chinese Olympic Women’s Swimming Team out for training?
  • What did Stephen Michalak encounter at Falcon Lake in 1967? An intriguing UFO case.
  • UFOs were spotted in Hungary. Contrary to the photograph, a bottle of wine was not abducted.
  • A Hungarian family is apparently besieged by aliens. More wine!
  • Two Russian truckdrivers were astonished to find a spacecraft; and one of them was invited aboard!
  • Phenomena Magazine has an interesting article on the WWII Foo Fighter mystery. Dave Grohl was not available for comment.
  • A man who makes a living being fired from a cannon has been fired (not from a cannon this time) because of his fear of flying.

Thanks Kat.

Quote of the Day:

It is never too late to be what you might have been.

George Eliot