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News Briefs 16-06-2005

I’ve nothing to say, so here is the news.

Quote of the Day:

Security is mostly a superstition. It does not exist in nature, nor do the children of men as a whole experience it. Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than outright exposure. Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing.
Helen Keller

  1. UFO Australia
    It’s interesting to note that Mt Ziel is in Northern Australia. This area was identified by American Remote Viewers such as Inngo Swann and Frank Morehouse as being an extraterrestrial base. With America’s Pine Gap up there too, something funny is going on.

    1. I saw something similar
      When I lived in the country I saw something similar to that UFO.If I hadn’t been watching the sky I wouldn’t have seen it.

      Rico that isn’t Frank Moorhouse the Australian writer is it?
      Can I ask where you saw this information?



  2. unidentified lights in the sky over Phoenix, Arizona
    I was initially quite impressed with the footage but as the sequence progressed, my enthusiasm waned. As a media professional, to me the footage has all the appearance of a clever fake: not a home-made hoax by any means, but one that would have required at the very least, semi-professional video equipment.


    1. Lights – how it was done
      The way that this “light footage” was obviously done, was to film a single light in the sky, perhaps an aeroplane, planet, star, or streetlight. Then using standard video editing software such as premiere, they would layer the same shot of the light on top of the original, only slightly shifted. There would be one “shifted” layer for each extra light in the formation. By adjusting the shift in the layer as the video progresses, you can get the apparent movement in and out of formation that you see in the video.
      This invalidates the comments in yesterday’s story that claim since the light “jiggles” with the rest of the video it must be real. Only one light needs to be real. The rest are duplicates pegged to the original. And I think everyone would agree that one light in the sky is not a special phenomenon…
      Oh yeah, and this definitely can be done at home. Adobe premiere is pretty common…

      1. Video editing
        Digital video editing, like digital stills picture editing, leaves tell tale traces of that editing in the pixellation. Extreme zooming into the areas in question would show up readily whether or not the image had been edited or not.

        Even by using multi-layer editing techniques, the “additional” lights would still show traces of pixellation edges which would be a give-away for editing.

        I’ve not done the research; I don’t have the necessary tools or expertise to analyse it in this manner, but I am familiar with the techniques and issues around image editing, and it would be easy for someone with the right equipment and a mint copy of the original film to make this judgement.

        See here for some words from the videographer himself, answering some of the accusations that it has been faked:

        Still image of the alleged formation

        12MB MPEG Video can be viewed here:

        yer ol’ pal,

        (This “sitting on the fence” post was brought to you by “Realm of the Dead”)

        1. real or fake
          The additional info provided simply reinforced my view that the images are fake. The daylight location shots reveal that the footage was not shot from where the photos were taken. To get the correct angle, the footage would have been taken from the other side of the waterway shown in the foreground of the shot.

          As for being able to analyse the stills provided, the resolution of the video stills provided were at best 15 to 20 lines in height: no fine detail is possible at this resolution, especially on home video equipment. The video camera would have been recording in 525ntsc, and a home movie camera would record less than 400 lines of resolution.

          My final point is that the report states these images were captured using ‘infra red’. If this is the case, then the image should be monochrome, whereas colour can be seen in some of the stills.

          Conclusion: footage is suspect and probably a hoax.


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