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If Castle Cernig was hectic last week, the Hacienda del Rico is most definitely not a recommended holiday destination. My review of Ed Kovacs Unseen Forces will be up tomorrow, and the interview will follow shortly. Kat picked the news links today, I’ve just copied-and-pasted. Now I have more time to sleep. Thanks Kat.

  • Europe’s oldest civilisation has been found, predating Stonehenge and the Pyramids of Gizeh by 2000 years. The Cliff Richards fan club refuse to comment.
  • How 7000-year-old temples reveal the elaborate culture of Europe. British tabloids reveal what it’s become today.
  • How a journalist was brainwashed to join the cult of Dr Zahi Hawass, and express her eternal love for the Hero of Egyptology. Be warned: the gushing praise is more than a wee bit creepy.
  • An Italian team of archaeologists has discovered 76 intact Roman statues at Cyrene in Libya.
  • A long-sealed Mayan crypt in Guatemala reveals the power of women. One would think getting murdered over someone else’s political disagreement wouldn’t make you particularly powerful.
  • Secret plans to postpone dealing with Britain’s nuclear waste crisis for up to 1000 years are being developed. Considering how beaurocracies work, it should be 1000 years before all the necessary postponement papers are signed and filed.
  • The UK’s secret nuclear waste disposal sites have been revealed. Five of them are near Castle Cernig.
  • More and more Americans are turning on homegrown, renewable energy.
  • Great news: recent rain has eased the drought of Eastern Australia. We still need a lot more rain though.
  • Does mankind’s destruction of natural habitat prove a greater risk to wildlife than global warming? Climate Change and Biodiversity is a collection of essays discussing this question (Amazon US or UK).
  • Can insects do what the CIA can’t, and destroy Columbia’s coca crops? Or will the insects turn on the CIA?
  • Rhesus monkeys have a natural ability to … oh, just read the article, it explains the theory better than I can.
  • Not content to be paid peanuts, seven capuchin monkeys have been taught to use money. They waste it all on iPods, porn and failed investments, creating a banana republic.
  • A U.S. animal has tested positive to Mad Cows Disease. Unfortunately it’s not a chupacabra.
  • Can highly infectious prions, which cause the severe destruction of the brain that characterises Mad Cow Disease, be rendered harmless?
  • Brain shrinkage has no impact on people’s ability to think or learn. My brain hasn’t shrunk, it just disappeared completely.
  • Meet the protein that may help treat brain injuries.
  • Vital data on prescription drugs in Britain have been suppressed by a US regulator.
  • This website has been established to battle opposition to the theory of evolution.
  • Love appears to be a more evolved behaviour than lust. Gee, they just have to hit the local disco to find that out.
  • Lost and found: suits intended for space spies.
  • Cassiopeia A may be dead, but it’s not quiet. Beautiful pics.
  • Do Americans actually believe extraterrestrial life exists elsewhere in the universe? Do Americans actually believe these surveys accurately represent popular belief?

Eternal thanks to Kat.

Quote of the Day:

Dr Zahi Hawass rocks!

Joan Lau, Malaysia News Online