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News Briefs 26-05-05

Here is the Daily Grail news. I won’t tell you exactly how many of these articles I personally believe but it’s more than 5 and less than 20.

  • British scientists have been given the go-ahead for a project aimed at dropping a robot probe into a vast, subterranean lake two miles below the Antarctic ice.
  • The latest edition of New Scientist is now available online. Check it out here. The lead is “11 amazing things your brain can do.”
  • Remember some weeks ago we told you about Richard Wiseman’s ghost tour beneath the srteets of Edinburgh? Well, here is how it went.
  • The CIA, The Senator and The Laser Weapon – a story of insider dealing and $12 million spent on ray-gun dreams.
  • There have been daylight sightings of a UFO over Peru.
  • Two Star Wars fans are in a critical condition in hospital after apparently trying to make light sabres by filling fluorescent light tubes with petrol.
  • How would Jesus diet? The latest fad in the US is eating as people believe Jesus and his disciples would have to lose weight and be fitter.
  • A group of about 50 drawings of giant figures recently discovered in the hills of Peru’s southern coastal desert near the city of Palpa has been said to predate the famous Nazca lines nearby.
  • Unlocking the power of the Myth that is Troy.
  • A sober, realistic view of what “space war” would really look like. Most of the action, it turns out, takes place on the ground.
  • The first people to colonize the Americas were a band of just 70 hardy explorers and their families, a genetic study suggests.
  • A new study suggests that contrary to what most people believe, prejudice is hard-wired into the human brain through evolution as an adaptive response to protect our prehistoric ancestors from danger.
  • It could infect 20 percent of the world’s population, kill many millions and create an economic crisis but scientists say not enough is being done to combat a bird flu virus that could trigger a global pandemic.
  • The good news? China has developed vaccines that block the spread of the deadly H5N1 strain of bird flu among birds and mammals.
  • A recently devised “fairy tale” may explain our outer solar system, as well as some of the craters on the Moon.
  • A major earthquake on a little-known fault buried under downtown Los Angeles would cause the most catastrophic natural disaster in U.S. history, killing thousands of people and causing up to $250 billion in damage, scientists said Wednesday.
  • A Las Vegas prophet calling himself “Yahweh” claims he will call down UFO’s for the world’s media between June 1st and July 15th.
  • A US team may have found a method which would bypass the need to acquire large numbers of fresh human eggs for human cloning meaning scientists could use existing lines of embryonic stem cells and not create any more embryos.
  • Is happiness a con? A new book “Happiness: The Science Behind Your Smile,” suggests it is.
  • In the UK, a crackdown on powerful psychedelic drugs sold online leads to a string of arrests of so-called ‘psychonauts’.
  • Are we seeded from stardust? ‘Panspermia’: a Phenomena Magazine interview with Professor Chandra Wickramasinghe.

Quote of the Day:

Man is by nature a political animal.

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