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Plenty of preposterous nonsense to be reading today.

  • Galloway delivers scathing remarks to the Oil for Food Scandal committee. The word here.
  • Doubts raised over Melbourne airport scare.
  • Study links sun activity to whale strandings.
  • An imaginary scandal.
  • 911 predicted by card game back in 1995.
  • Coliseum unearthed in Britain.
  • Did the Vikings drive natives from the isles?
  • Ancient ice age responsible for Type 1 diabetes?
  • Unravelling the mystery of origin of the Andaman population. Or making things fit yer prejudices.
  • Scientists pinpoint green tea’s cancer target.
  • Anthropology and counterinsurgency: the strange story of their curious relationship. Wibble wibble.
  • Herb helps curb binge drinking.
  • Saddam’s wife says Saddam’s double was captured.
  • Arachnid’s clue to dino wipeout.
  • Why today is the perfect day to change the rest of your life.
  • Definitional drift: math goes postmodern.
  • Did Nubians know they were drinking beer contaminated with tetracycline?
  • Chinese made first use of diamond.
  • Is Britain’s future really nuclear?
  • Cameroon survey suggests viruses often jump from primates to people. How are the primates infected?
  • Autism: Lots of clues, but still no answers.
  • Geomagnetic storm heads toward Earth.
  • Weird star has clockwork mechanism. May have attraction/repulsion issues.

Quote of the Day:

A casual stroll through the lunatic asylum shows that faith does not prove anything.