News Briefs 18-05-2005

Plenty of preposterous nonsense to be reading today.

  • Galloway delivers scathing remarks to the Oil for Food Scandal committee. The word here.
  • Doubts raised over Melbourne airport scare.
  • Study links sun activity to whale strandings.
  • An imaginary scandal.
  • 911 predicted by card game back in 1995.
  • Coliseum unearthed in Britain.
  • Did the Vikings drive natives from the isles?
  • Ancient ice age responsible for Type 1 diabetes?
  • Unravelling the mystery of origin of the Andaman population. Or making things fit yer prejudices.
  • Scientists pinpoint green tea’s cancer target.
  • Anthropology and counterinsurgency: the strange story of their curious relationship. Wibble wibble.
  • Herb helps curb binge drinking.
  • Saddam’s wife says Saddam’s double was captured.
  • Arachnid’s clue to dino wipeout.
  • Why today is the perfect day to change the rest of your life.
  • Definitional drift: math goes postmodern.
  • Did Nubians know they were drinking beer contaminated with tetracycline?
  • Chinese made first use of diamond.
  • Is Britain’s future really nuclear?
  • Cameroon survey suggests viruses often jump from primates to people. How are the primates infected?
  • Autism: Lots of clues, but still no answers.
  • Geomagnetic storm heads toward Earth.
  • Weird star has clockwork mechanism. May have attraction/repulsion issues.

Quote of the Day:

A casual stroll through the lunatic asylum shows that faith does not prove anything.


  1. jumping viruses
    Animals who eat their own kind develop some kind of mad animal disease, particularly if they eat the brains. Humans eating them would catch it.

    Wonderful article by Theodore Dalrymple.Virago Press usually attracts some of the most aggressive feminist writers that I have learned to stay away from it.

    Nietzsche did not have to stroll through the lunatic asylum to make that observation, he assessed everyone he ever met in the same way.

    Thanks Jameske,


  2. George Galloway…
    Of course you have to be careful when you read what the Daily Telegraph has to say about George Galloway.

    Don’t forget, it was the Daily Telegraph that first exposed these accusations against GG last year. GG took them to court and won his case, winning £150,000 in damages (an the Daily Telegraph having to pay a substantial sum in costs too). This whole business is still the subject of an ongoing appeal by the Daily Telegraph (which feels that it’s claims have been awarded a certain extra gravitas since they’re not now alone in making the allegations).

    So, remember that the Daily Telegraph is a journal scorned, and therefore has a score to settle with GG.

    That said, I saw GG’s performance on all tne UK news channels last night and I think the guy did a sterling effort in making the US administration look like a bunch of hypocrites (which, of course, they are).

    Well done GG – that’s one in the eye for the Bush administration!


    1. I saw him too
      I saw George Galloway and cheered his every word.It’s about time someone stood up to these people whose own lives have very murky areas.
      This morning I saw Galloway again with his Havana cigar.Bravo.


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