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News Briefs 13-05-2005

Friday The 13th: It’s a roller coaster kind of day.

  • An atheist’s conversation with god. (No, he’s not confused.)
  • Geneticists Link Modern Humans To Single Band Out of Africa.
  • Pygmy Village Casts Doubt on ‘Hobbit’ Human.
  • Ancient Mayan Wood Architecture Found.
  • Identification of pigments used to illustrate seven Gutenberg Bibles may help preservation.
  • Live Dangerously: Be A Scientist.
  • Ecstacy, antidepressants, block cancer growth.
  • The Matter of Mind, Myth, and Metaphor. (Part 1 of 3)
  • Saturn Moon’s Bizarre Geography Revealed by Spacecraft.
  • Titan’s Atmosphere Revealed.
  • How Titan Compares To Earth.
  • New Saturn moon surfs the rings.
  • Whimpers from the sun turn physicists’ ideas up-side-down.
  • How Disease Evolves.
  • Nature’s Criminals: An excerpt from Parasite Rex: Inside the Bizarre World of Nature’s Most Dangerous Creatures. Amazon US and UK.
  • The author of the best selling work of all time on Political Economy was erased from history. Who was he?
  • Heavenly signs that scared Roman rulers help astronomers study the Sun.
  • Ancient Mars may have been more magnetic than previously thought.
  • New NASA Boss Pushes To Replace the Shuttle.
  • NASA developing robots with human traits.
  • Back to the saucers – and Element 115.
  • Lone sleuth uses the Internet and his wits to solve UFO mysteries.
  • Graphic Novels Go Back To The Future With 90 Second Online Trailer For ‘War Of The Worlds‘. (broadband a must for the trailer)
  • Who lives in Brisbane, wears a $10,000 suit of armor, and rides a horse named Merlin? Knight of Lion Rampant, Luke Brinks, the third-best jouster in the world.
  • The Science of Star Wars. But what if light sabers don’t use laser beams?
  • A Llannefydd man has called on UFO experts after spending more than nine hours capturing mysterious sphere-shaped objects on video.
  • Be nice to fairies — or beware!
  • Randi needs a road-trip: Godlight owner challenges all skeptics to a $20,000 bet. “Time to put your money where your mouth is.”
  • Second Sight: The Phenomena of Eyeless Vision.
  • High fidelity keeps human DNA assembly line humming.
  • Number Sense in Humans. From Number: The Language of Science. Amazon US and UK.
  • Former Homeland Security chief Tom Ridge says flimsy evidence was repeatedly used to justify raising terrorist threat level.
  • Israeli Doctors Experimented On Children.
  • The Israeli origins of Bush II’s war.
  • Aesthetic inspiration comes as easy as 1,1,2,3….
  • Alchemy, Fulcanelli and The Great Cross at Hendaye.
  • Hyperdimensional Space and the Unfolding of the Four Ages.
  • The Alchemy of Time.
  • Is it a squirrel, a rat, a guinea pig? A chinchilla? New rodent species discovered.
  • San Andreas given 70% chance of ripping the big one within the next 30 years.
  • Atmosphere may cleanse itself better than previously thought.
  • Big is beautiful in a world of scarce energy resources.
  • Privacy’s Jerry Springer Moment: The Great Data Heist.
  • Eco threat ‘worse than Hitler’.
  • Climate: A Message From The Plankton.
  • Sea hero’s fate revealed after 217 years.
  • Why, it’s an … an alien implant!
  • An interview with Roger Leir, the podiatrist who removes alien implants.
  • Self-cloning robots are a chip off the old block.
  • UK is in the grip of a nationwide mumps epidemic.
  • Ghosts put to the test by skeptic.
  • The Truth Really Is Out There.
  • How to make holograms at home.
  • Friday The 13th: Evil or Excuse?
  • Dreaded day stalks superstitious down the ages.
  • Michelangelo: sculptor, poet, and art forger?
  • Do you believe in angels?
  • Witchfinders: A Seventeenth-Century English Tragedy. Amazon US and UK.
  • A Christian Satanist, tyagi nagasiva explains the Great Martyrdom Cult. (No, he’s not confused either.)

Quote of the Day:

History, in fact, is not in the hands of dark forces, left to chance or just human choices. Above the unleashing of evil energy, above the vehement interruptions of Satan, above the so many scourges of evil, rises the Lord, supreme arbiter of history.

Pope Benedict XVI

  1. Hey great stuff Kat
    Thanks heaps, I hope I can find the time to get into this lot tomorrow.

    So Ratzinger thinks that the Lord makes history does he.I am sure he has many other strange thoughts as well.

    I would love to see the medieval fair at the weekend but I believe I am being taken to the kite festival.

    Anyway aveagoodweekend,


  2. Greg’s blog
    There are 287 readers online at TDG as I write this. I want to encourage all of you to read Greg’s latest blog — Impeachment: Blow Jobs and War Crimes.

    And for god’s sake, would somebody please post some comments! If Greg’s blog isn’t enough to work you up, surely the atheist’s conversation with god, or the Satanist’s explanation of the connection between Satanism and Christianity are enough to stir a thought or two.


    1. Throwing rocks
      Saddam Hussein and his cronies deserve some of the blame too. Not to mention the U.N. Russia. France. Germany. Many others all had a hand in creating the Iraq situation.

      America’s not the problem, it’s a problem. It may be a big problem, but it’s still only one of many. Ousting Bush is a good step in the right direction, but it’d be worse if people stopped there. Will people protest against the atrocities committed by Middle Eastern countries? The wars and corruption and poverty in Africa? The corruption in South America? China’s oppression of Tibetans and Uighurs and other ethnic minorities, not to mention its own people?

      Starting and stopping your protests with Bush would be just as apathetic, immoral and downright irresponsible as doing nothing to stop Bush in the first place.

      There are more causes to blame for the ills in this world other than one American President. Let us remember that and cease being so damned America-centric with our noble and heart-warming humanitarian protests.

      If you need someone to blame, throw a rock in the air, you’ll hit someone guilty — U2, “Dirty Day”.

      1. You are missing the point Rick
        and the point of this particular thread is that the whole Bush/Iraq thing is a furfy.

        You are right about those other issues, but please don’t cloud this discussion by dragging in every other case of injustice in the world.

        That is not the point of this exercise.

        The point of this exercise is to tell the world that Bush is a liar and his cohorts are liars and they are all murderers.

        I cannot believe that you are saying that Saddam deserves some of the blame too.That is tantamount to saying that Iraq deserved the war because of him.
        If that is the case why didn’t Bush take on Mugabe in Zimbabe, or any number of dictators in the world who are worse than Saddam.
        You have shown a naivity that I wouldn’t have suspected in you.

        Your complaint about us singling out the American president is right, we are doing just that, because it was Bush and his government who has inflicted this pain on Iraq.

        You always seem to be afraid of offending Americans.I don’t like to offend them as I like them, but any American with any sense (and there are millions of them Rick!) knows that we are not attacking the American people.
        We are attacking the system they were tricked into putting in place.

        Why don’t you post another blog dealing with the problems of the world and we will continue on this particular one.


        1. Oh, and Rick…
          quoting a line from a song by U2 does not make it true.
          The writer is generalising about something he cannot possibly prove.
          And if is just an implication that everyone is guilty that is just as stupid and put in to make him sound wise.

      2. Glass houses all ’round
        As the article ‘The Israeli origins of Bush II’s war’ makes clear, there are other nations that bear some of the responsibility for the war in Iraq, and for many other conflicts as well. While Israel’s motivation appears to be mainly political power, the motivations of others are, in a word, oil.

        Italy sent troops to Iraq to secure oil deal

        End of the Oil Age

        US citizens weren’t the only ones who were lied to regarding a just cause for the Iraq war, as the British are now finding out:

        Secret emails, missing weapons

        1. Don’t forget Australia
          Australia does not need Middle East Oil, we supply 85% of our own.But our PM had to be in it just for the sake of the stink of Bush’s arse.

          I well remember when Bush visited Oz and out toady little PM, when 2 Green Party members attempted to hand papers to Bush in Parliament which they have a perfect right to do, were pushed aside by little Johnny Howard himself as he jockeyed into position, arms askew and backside aft, to protect “his” president.

          The decision to send our troops to Iraq was taken only by Howard without the situation going before Parliament.
          But it wouldn’t have mattered as we have a weasely little Labor Party in Australia who agreed with it anyway.

          And then, with our entire complement of troops at the time numbering 100, Howard threw himself on the world stage…strutting around in a long black overcoat with the biggies,and fawning over his new best friends Bush and Blair, thus setting the scene for the Bali bombing and who knows what else is going to come our way.

          For example..see Schapelle Corby.

          Our future as a country is in South East Asia, not in America and not in Europe.
          This is where we are..these are our neighbours.

          You may not like your neighbours but it is certainly wise to keep the peace with them.

          We now have the country with the largest Muslim population inthe world, Indonesia, hating our very guts.

          Well done little Johnny.


  3. ‘War of the Worlds’ Graphic Novel
    Anyone else notice a marked similarity between their updated Dr. Ogilvy and an anomalist well-known to the TDG crowd?

    To see what I’m referring to, click the War of the Worlds link, and read through the 15-page preview.


    1. For the first time, I sent an
      For the first time, I sent an email to the author of a article. From what I read of the article, it seemed the author left out one rather large question. Is there anything more to life? Once we die is that it? The heaven and hell deal.

  4. jousting
    The 3rd best? Are there video clips of him getting knocked off his horse by the two better ones? Looks like fun thought, I’m always tempted to join one of these societies.

    Medieval times are interesting to study though. Society was quite different from ours, but we can see where we come from. And everything was so romantic – consider the life of the knights and ladies. No decent heat, no running water, no sanitation to speak of. Medical care better than suicide, maybe a little. Diet so poor that people were 20 cm shorter than in Roman times.

    Unless of course you were poor, then life was not as good.

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