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Short, sweet … and a wee bit early.

  • A man claiming to be a decendent of the first Grand Master of the Knights Templar asks that archaeologists be allowed to electronically examine Rosslyn Chapel.
  • Is Sauniere’s Model authentic, and can it reveal the secrets of Rennes-Le-Chateau?
  • An expert asks if the Amesbury Archer was the king of Stonehenge? “Who’s that there?” “I don’t know … must be a king.” “Why?” “He hasn’t got shit all over him.”
  • More than 200 medieval skeletons may be linked to a monastery founded by St Baldred, who died in 756 AD.
  • Ancient granite crosses in Dartmoor have been fitted with microchips to deter thieves. Imagine the conspiracy theories if microchips were fitted in Rosslyn Chapel. Alas, it’s too late for Angkor Wat (old, but good, news. Well, it’s bad news really. Oh, you know what I mean). And here’s a brilliant webguide to Angkor Wat.
  • Is this paint sample the earliest known depiction of Ancient Egyptian death? And why wasn’t Zahi told about this media release?
  • There are no fairies on this farm. Nothing to see. Move along.
  • Looking for a little folk of a pygmy kind in Southeast Asia. The website’s background image may cause epileptic fits.
  • Australia’s Wollemi Pine, an extremely rare tree that has been around since the Cretaceous period, has arrived in Scotland. Keep your hands off it, Ikea.
  • Evolution vs Intelligent Design. I don’t think these are the names of Mexican wrestlers.
  • Scientists have created a genetically-modified mouse that can live up to 20% longer than other mice. Yes, but can the mice build a super-computer?
  • Dr Richard Leakey says Global Warming poses a bigger risk to wildlife than poaching.
  • A gamma-ray blast may have obliterated almost all life on Earth.
  • George Knapp, the intrepid reporter who first investigated Area 51 for evidence of alien technology in 1989, is back.
  • Eleven years after a childhood encounter with a UFO, Kristin Davis returns to Roswell. She’s not the actress from the tv series Sex And The City, but wouldn’t that make an interesting episode!
  • Travel agents that offer space-flights will soon be as common as fast-food franchises. Don’t we already have McNASA?
  • Or would you rather take a ride in a one-person vacuum elevator? Only if it’s like the ones in Futurama.
  • Will a remote-controlled aircraft explore the atmosphere of Venus?
  • Move over Tchaikovsky, it’s time for the Mario Brothers. From Donkey Kong to Halo: Video Games music played by an orchestra.
  • Two of the world’s major religions merged recently, but Hinjews are confused. There’s been no word from Chrislam leaders, and the Pagolics are nowhere to be found. Hrmm, anyone else I can offend?

Quote of the Day:

The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in the mind at the same time, and still retain the ability to function..

F.Scott Fitzgerald