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Prescription chocolate will taste awful and will be sold to the NHS for £50 a pill.

  • Look out for giant triangles in space. Hasn’t someone already tried that?
  • US Govt. tells labs in 18 countries to destroy deadly virus sent to them accidentally.
  • Hint of a cosmic crash at Serpent Mound.
  • For the past two years or so, Voyager 1 has detected phenomena unlike any encountered before in all its years of exploration, and now NASA is about to silence it.
  • DNA project to trace human migration.
  • Wind power controversy. Why not let the marketplace decide?
  • Thousands flee rumbling Indonesian volcanoes.
  • Why Einstein may have got it wrong.
  • Do the constants of nature vary?
  • When astronauts return to the Moon they might encounter electrified fountains. Or perhaps they are this.
  • Women to get the chocolate treatment?
  • German ruling says Dresden was a holocaust.
  • Suspicious stock dealings prior to 911 linked with Israeli citizens.
  • Confronting the evidence: a call to reopen the 911 investigation.
  • Ernst Mayr, biologist extraordinaire.
  • Nuclear theories fail to predict Nickel 78 behaviour.
  • The role of dreams in the evolution of the human mind.
  • Gamma ray burst is extinction suspect.
  • Thought-controlled machines may be one step closer.
  • Stellar question: extrasolar planet or failed star?
  • Gender: good riddance, farewell.
  • New dates defy fixed hotspots.
  • The friendly bacteria within us.
  • Programmed DNA forms fractal. Or is it the Eye and the Pyramid?
  • Rock art: messages from the past.
  • New Pallava temple complex discovered in Mahabalipuram.

Quote of the Day:

Given a choice between two theories, take the one which is funnier.

Blore’s razor