News Briefs 07-04-2005

Here is Thursday’s news. I’m off to find a mountain…

  • John Brown, a born-again Christian and founder of Zion Oil & Gas of Dallas, is using his Bible to find black gold in the Holy Land.
  • The latest edition of New Scientist is now available online. Check it out here. The lead feature this week is “Evolution’s Greatest Inventions”.
  • Was a boy abducted by a pedophilia ring, turned into a Satanist and then trained by the CIA as a journalist? Well, it’s unlikely but it’s a story on conspiracy-buff websites.
  • Something strange is happening to wildlife off the Florida coast following last season’s hurricanes.
  • What if UFOs were really angels and demons? That’s the thesis of a movie by a Truthseekers, a group interested in exploring current events through a Biblical world view.
  • On June 11, Natural Awakenings – Austin, with the association of Anomaly Archives, will present “The Texas Ghost Lights Conference”. There are more sightings of mystery lights in Texas than anywhere else in the world – I think it’s because of Bill’s experiments.
  • Those who say eclipses herald history-shaping events will find support for their superstition when, on Friday, the Sun will be briefly plunged into darkness on the day of Pope John Paul II’s funeral.
  • Dr. Richard Wiseman is holding seances in the most haunted room in the most haunted street in Edinburgh’s haunted undercity catacombs. I’ve been down there – incredible place.
  • Parapsychology: Fact of séance fiction? A visit to Edinburgh University’s Koestler Parapsychology Unit.
  • Never mind the Bermuda Triangle – what about the strange happenings in the “Michigan Triangle” on the Great Lakes?
  • Russia unveils more details of it’s new ballistic missile, designed to beat the US’ missile shield (if they ever get the shield working in the first place) and invites international sales.
  • It’s ridiculous but true – a judge had to order the CIA to reveal it’s top-secret budget figure….from 1963!
  • Just what every Grail Knight needs – a ghost detector is now on the market in Japan. When can I have my particle beam generator?
  • Fleshing out the ‘first ape-man’ – experts are a step closer to answering whether an ancient skull from Africa belonged to a possible human ancestor or was closer to apes.
  • Masterpiece move – The Mona Lisa has been carefully transferred to a brighter setting at the Louvre.
  • DNA tests of the inhabitants of the Shetland Isles reveal that the Vikings took their womenfolk with them to settle down when they went a-pillaging.
  • NASA’s Prometheus: Fire, Smoke And Mirrors. There are technical difficulties in putting a nuclear powered craft into space.
  • Scientists at NASA and the University of Kansas say that a mass extinction on Earth hundreds of millions of years ago could have been triggered by a star explosion called a gamma-ray burst. But could it have sunk Atlantis?
  • Nanobacteria in clouds could play a crucial role in the spread of disease and in the formation of rain drops.
  • Scientists trying to solve a medieval murder mystery that has puzzled historians for 550 years say France’s first officially recognized royal mistress was poisoned and probably murdered – but who did it remains a mystery.

Quote of the Day:

He was the sort of person who stood on mountaintops during thunderstorms in wet copper armour shouting “All the Gods are bastards.”
Terry Pratchett

  1. Nanobacteria in Clouds…
    …along with the ChemTrail phenomena?

    Maybe the ChemTrail folks have been barking up the wrong phenomena? Maybe our (the US) Gov has more up it’s sleeve that we could have possibly imagined?

    1. I think there ought to be a d
      I think there ought to be a distiction made between “our government” and the ‘shadow’ or hidden government. The one is the outward legitimate government. The second is the secret pack of virus organisms sequestered within and surreptitiously perverting governmental functions to further their own agenda.


  2. UFOs, demons, and angels
    This is an interesting article. In the face of so much evidence pointing to this explanation, the great reluctance toward this consideration is baffling to me. It must be attributed to the desire to see all things through naturalistic lenses. I think Crowley’s portrait of the being LEM is a very significant clue. Crowley’s blatant truthlessness in teaching there is no devil, even while invoking and communicating with evil ‘entities’, should escape no rational and honest thinker.

    Obviously, if the Bible is true, then these beings do exist, and they are spirtitual beings with evil propensities. Paul wrote that the devil is able to decieve by masquerading as an ‘angel of light’. If demons can appear as angels of light, then perhaps, being deceptive and spiritual beings, they can manifest in other forms and images. It is not surprising that the devil would be an illusionist. And, as the Bible indicates, the demons are intruding aliens to this world, and they do not belong here.

    If interested in investigating the possible connections, here is a link to a book on the subject.


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