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Election fever has taken hold of the British isles. It would be a lot harder if the pronunciation were Chinese.

  • On Mars things only get more weird.
  • Pope attacker had Vatican help.
  • 911 was an inside job.
  • Atlantis in Ireland theory gaining strength; an invitation to debate.
  • Novel interpretation of monster sighting.
  • Not intelligent and surely not science.
  • Oil baron seeks gusher from God.
  • The mystery of postponed deaths.
  • Autism caused by pollution.
  • The Clement problem.
  • Plenty of Earths await discovery.
  • Planetary explosion mechanisms.
  • Fog in the Valles Marineris?
  • Light sabres to replace toothbrushes?
  • Wave heights raise energy hopes.
  • Experts find 41 saltworks used by Mayans.
  • Galaxy has mystery star clusters.
  • Flew’s flawed science.
  • What happened to the Segway? The bicycle?
  • Universe spawned stars at a young age. Or perhaps it doesn’t have an age.
  • Space dust and snowball earth.
  • Allez Allais!
  • DU death toll tops 11000.
  • Marburg outbreak is deadliest on record.

Scrote of the Day:

Mine is the first generation able to contemplate the possibility that we may live our entire lives without going to war or sending our children to war.

Tony Blair