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No gravy rings today but the snooker goes on and I am looking forward to be blasted with X-rays later.

  • Organ transplants and cellular memories.
  • Murdoch on yesterday’s papers.
  • George Lucas to make Star Wars TV series.
  • Hillary Clinton wants an obscure federal agency to regulate elections. The CIA maybe? They have a history of regulating elections.
  • Class action accuses banks of illegal creation of money.
  • India’s lost tribe.
  • Company plans to build space elevator.
  • Earthquakes: natural or man made?
  • Who needs health care, the well or the sick?
  • Climate change blamed for rise in hay fever.
  • Quasars reveal cosmic magnification.
  • Earthquake predicted to leave gravity scar.
  • Hot spots on neutron stars tracked for the first time.
  • Austronesians migrated from Taiwan, says archaeologist.
  • Archaeologists trying to unravel mystery of camouflaged Median monument.
  • Vast necropolis discovered under Ethiopia’s Axum obelisk site.
  • Air travellers suffer from lack of oxygen.
  • The electric glow of the sun.
  • David Icke on the Illuminati.

Quote of the Day:

The greatest obstacle to discovery is not ignorance – it is the illusion of knowledge.

Daniel Boorstin