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News 27-04-2005

No gravy rings today but the snooker goes on and I am looking forward to be blasted with X-rays later.

  • Organ transplants and cellular memories.
  • Murdoch on yesterday’s papers.
  • George Lucas to make Star Wars TV series.
  • Hillary Clinton wants an obscure federal agency to regulate elections. The CIA maybe? They have a history of regulating elections.
  • Class action accuses banks of illegal creation of money.
  • India’s lost tribe.
  • Company plans to build space elevator.
  • Earthquakes: natural or man made?
  • Who needs health care, the well or the sick?
  • Climate change blamed for rise in hay fever.
  • Quasars reveal cosmic magnification.
  • Earthquake predicted to leave gravity scar.
  • Hot spots on neutron stars tracked for the first time.
  • Austronesians migrated from Taiwan, says archaeologist.
  • Archaeologists trying to unravel mystery of camouflaged Median monument.
  • Vast necropolis discovered under Ethiopia’s Axum obelisk site.
  • Air travellers suffer from lack of oxygen.
  • The electric glow of the sun.
  • David Icke on the Illuminati.

Quote of the Day:

The greatest obstacle to discovery is not ignorance – it is the illusion of knowledge.

Daniel Boorstin

  1. Cellular memory and the heart
    One might consider the heart as the seat of the soul. Indeed the cellular memory, if not cleansed of its astral, may have such an impact.

    Consider another example: Hebraic concepts about food, not eating the blood of animals, for in the blood flows the memory of the race.

    Another example: How some primitive tribes would eat the heart of their enemies or of other people at their death to gain the good attributes they considered it contained.

  2. space elevator
    I can’t believe they are actually going to build a space elevator.Isn’t that another Arthur C.Clarke idea? I hope it happens in my lifetime.

    Don’t know what I think about the cellular memory business of transplants.It seems entirely possible and makes you think of that awful movie about the hand that had a life of it’s own.
    I would like to read more about it, have to get the books.

    I had gravy rings for breakfast.They are much nicer the day after they are made.
    Yum yum,still 5 left.

    Great links, thanks Jameske, although I will be a while getting through Icke.


    1. Brekkie
      Hope you used your Gravy Ring Spoon..! 😉

      Incidentally, Arthur C. Clarke always said that “They will build the space elevator 50 years after they stop laughing about it.”

      I think even he would be surprised that it didn’t take them 50 years.

    2. Good Gravy
      I read somewhere that gravy rings actually increase your PSI ability. Have you noticed any effect?

      PS. Re: Simpsons. I checked with my cousin the Tasmanian (he used to be one of Bob Brown’s speechwriters – yay!), and he said that Bob Brown having the Simpsons cancelled in Tasmania is ridiculous. The Simpsons are still going strong in Tasmania.

      PPS. I thought Rico might enjoy this. In an unprecedented case, Gunn’s, a multinational woodchip firm, is suing Bob Brown for damages. This is a brazen attempt by a corporation to financially cripple the environmental movement.

      1. mmm gravy rings
        No I haven’t really, except that I sort of have a feeling that Kat may post the news tomorrow, and Cernig on Thursday.
        Is this possible?
        And I also feel deep in my bones that John Howard will make a balls-up of the very next thing he does.
        It is sort of a spooky feeling that I get about this.
        Maybe, who know, it could possibly be the gravy rings.

        And no, you are still not getting my recipe.


      2. Uh oh
        **sigh** The game’s up. No one will take me seriously ever again. My evil plans are foiled. I’m really an honest guy. I never lie. Really. You can trust me, I’m with the Government. 😉

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