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Bill’s gone away for the weekend, but he will arise again next week. Hrmm, sounds familiar …

  • The Pagan roots of Easter. Mmmm, pagan chocolate.
  • Did Jesus die from crucifixion, or of old age? Is He buried in Kashmir? Did He go to India?Investigating the possibility that Jesus Christ travelled to the East and did not die on the cross. So far he hasn’t been seen in any 24-hour convenience store, but a waitress saw the image of Jesus Christ in a cleaning cloth.
  • A teacher has a new theory that could prove the Turin Shroud is a fake.
  • When is Spring supposed to start this year? I don’t know what you guys are smoking, but it’s the start of Autumn down here.
  • Is Satanism on the rise in France? Or are they watching too many Hollywood horror films?
  • Fighting demons with Islam. Fighting Islam with Christianity. Fighting Christianity with Judaism. Fighting Judaism with Islam. Round and round we go …
  • Two members of the Georgia Paranormal Research Council discuss what they’ve found. There are shadows among us, and they’ve written a book about it (available from their website).
  • Do you want to be immortal? There can be only one.
  • Why reincarnation mystifies scientists. I guess they just can’t accept the fact that one day they might be reincarnated as a bestselling alternative archaeology author.
  • A UFO has been witnessed over Penghu Harbour, China. It’s interesting to note that China has more UFO organisations than any other country in the world, including the United States.
  • Atmospheric sprites have been caught on film, dancing high above thunderclouds. It’d take phenomenal eyesight for someone to see through thunderclouds and mistake sprites for UFOs!
  • The Northern Hemisphere gets all the attention, what with its Spring Equinox and UFO sightings. The Southern Hemisphere (which is really on top) has just as much paranormal phenomena to offer.
  • Brian Appleyard discusses the phenomenon of extraterrestrial visitations.
  • First light of distant planets has been seen by astronomers.
  • A merman has been spotted in the Caspian Sea. Looking for his mermaid, no doubt.
  • Brilliant video of an octopus strutting around on two legs. I love these guys.
  • Elephants learn through copying other elephants, making them the only other known animal species apart from the ape and we humans that do so.
  • A study will debate the use of non-human primates in science experiments. I like how they stress non-human primates.
  • Big Cat fever is hitting the UK, with a man attacked by a panther in his garden, and now a new sighting in the countryside.
  • Soft tissue has been extracted from the remains of a Tyrannosaurus Rex.
  • In Cambodia, looters are destroying Angkor’s ancient ruins. Elsewhere, Cambodian soldiers have found 154 miniature Buddhas.
  • Neolithic excavations in the UAE desert have revealed the area was lush with vegetation and water up to 7000 years ago. Does this have implications for the Sphinx?
  • Do you have trouble getting out of bed in the morning because you keep hitting the snooze button? This clock may be for you. Me, I’d rather be woken by many beautiful women gently playing violins and cellos.
  • Greek prison guards will go on strike, demanding authorities replace their 1911 US Cavalry revolvers. Apparently they’re not allowed to fire the antique guns, so inmates aren’t scared of the guards anymore! If you’re a collector, I’d be contacting your nearest Greek embassy now.
  • A black high school teacher in Utah was sent a KKK recruitment letter. I hope there’s a return address and the authorities lay charges.
  • Toy non-proliferation talks stall.

Thanks Kat and Max.

Quote of the Day:

Most modern calendars mar the sweet simplicity of our lives by reminding us that each day that passes is the anniversary of some perfectly uninteresting event.

Oscar Wilde