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It’s …

  • Egyptian scientist — no,it’s not Zahi Hawass! — doubts UFOs exist. Hrmm, I wonder what that bs stands for at the bottom of the article?
  • Zahi Hawass says Tutankhamun was not murdered, but his penis has been found. Tut’s, not Zahi’s.
  • Swiss experts are helping to restore Egypt’s Osireion. A Zahi-clone is on his way there now and will take over the operation immediately.
  • A 5000-year-old knife with designs of constellations has rewritten the history of Chinese astronomy.
  • The remains of a main building of the Asuka Kiyomiharanomiya Palace in Nara Prefecture, Japan, has been found to be asymmetrical.
  • A pair of earrings found in Iran’s 5200-year-old Burnt City has ended a strange argument of whether the city’s inhabitants wore ornaments or not.
  • The first national leader of the British Isles was a Scot. Tony Blair begins wearing a kilt to Parliament and has haggis for lunch.
  • Divers find Bronze Age artefacts off the coast of Devon. No Bronze Age Devonshire tea-sets have so far been found.
  • Kenya’s first dinosaur dig unearths a wealth of fossilised remains.
  • Two members of the Medici family in Renaissance Italy were not the victims of a murder plot, but died of malaria.
  • In the same week the British Government announces commercial interests are essential for the survival of science, a leading scientist announces the opposite.
  • Researchers plan to breed a mouse that has a human brain. Then they’ll breed more smart mice, and the mice will escape, and they’ll build a super-computer to find the meaning of life … 42.
  • Can’t get a song out of your head? Scientists may have found out why. De dododo, de dadada, that’s all I want to say to you …
  • The Himalayan glaciers are melting fast, but this could mean a water shortage in the long-term.
  • The Iberian lynx is in critical danger of extinction, the first big cat to die out since the sabre-toothed tiger.
  • Indian scientists set out to find the ikallaana — the mythical dwarf elephant.
  • US pollution cuts could save up to 17’000 lives a year.
  • Will China destroy itsef through its dependence on coal energy?
  • Off the coast of Guandong Province in China, you might just see a mirage of a small mountainous island with a castle. Or maybe it’s the coal pollution.
  • The Chinese Government has passed a law allowing the military to attack Taiwan if it moves towards independence.
  • Cachtice Castle in Western Slovakia has a dark history of vampirism. That’ll increase tourism.
  • The mad monk of Lidwell Chapel in Devon — is he England’s first serial killer?
  • American evangelist Bob Larson says Melbourne has the world’s most vicious demons because Australians live without religion. I’ll take that as a compliment. Someone should take him to see a football match between the St Kilda Saints and the Melbourne Demons.
  • Enough of the morbid stories, here’s one to warm the heart — scientists missed their chance at getting evidence of dark energy 30 years ago. I bet they feel like the man whose numbers came up the week he didn’t buy a lottery ticket.
  • Three galaxies that stopped forming stars long ago could prove the theory that black holes can starve galaxies.
  • Seattle experiences a fireball, a quake and a power outage. That was one wild night.
  • Is a Supervolcano about to erupt somewhere on Earth? Seattle residents hope it’s not them.
  • The new Atomic Testing Museum in Las vegas, chronicling the history of Cold War nuclear science, has been accused of glossing over the grim realities.
  • Have you VOIPed your STUN and RTCP with your CDMA-2001X EV/DO? The ever-increasing world of tech acronyms.
  • Was a high school student wrongly arrested for writing an innocent story about zombies attacking a fictional town, or did those who shout conspiracy fail to check their facts? How quickly we forget Columbine.
  • After months deciding on how best to leave Iraq, Bush announces American forces will exit through Iran.

Thanks to Max and Kat.

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