News Briefs 11-03-2005

There’s hardly anything worse than having your heart set on Chocolate Therapy, Chunky Monkey, or Cherry Garcia, and ending up with plain old Vanilla instead, so I’ve tried to do right by our missing Philadelphia-Project Editor. This first one’s for you, Bill, wherever or whenever you are.

  • Global warming: how ‘sceptic’ became a dirty word.
  • Huge gathering at Ferrybridge really was ‘the place to be’ 2,000 years ago.
  • World’s oldest known perfumery found in Cyprus.
  • Bronze Age shipwreck loaded with jewellery hailed as most important prehistoric find of its kind for 30 years.
  • Kenya’s first dinosaur dig yields fossil wealth.
  • Neandertal Advance: First Fully Jointed Skeleton Built.
  • Coin discovery sheds light on first known Turkic civilization.
  • The Codex Sinaiticus, the ancient Greek Bible written between the 1st and 4th centuries A.D., which has been divided since the mid-1800s when sections of it were removed from a desert monastery in Egypt, is to be united and made available on the internet.
  • Occult on the Canadian Prairies: blueprint of the Freemasons seems to be global.
  • Hoard of Roman bronze coins and a 4th-century gold ring found on farmland in West Norfolk.
  • Iron Age treasures found too, but fragments of Neolithic and Bronze Age pottery and flint tools at Warwickshire site date from as far back as 3000 BC, almost 2,500 years before the Iron Age began.
  • The Tut Glut: What are we learning from the mummy with his own frequent-flyer number, and more humble artefacts?
  • Prehistoric Europe was covered by thick, closed-canopy forests, not open woods and grassland, according to an analysis of pollen records.
  • Why Can’t U.S. Psychic Spies Find Osama Bin Laden?
  • The Merovingian Dynasty: Satanic Bloodline of the AntiChrist & False Prophet.
  • Paganism in Provence: How the Mother-Goddess Became the Mother of God. (From: Journal of the Western Mystery Tradition)
  • Uri Geller wants the cursing stone – for his garden.
  • Attack Of The Western UFOs.
  • The Iron Skeptic takes on cattle mutilation. Great graphic.
  • HIV immunity of some Europeans linked to plagues of the Middle Ages.
  • Homoeopathic study finds water has no ‘memory‘.
  • The Soul of Science.
  • Context for the Origin of Life on Earth.
  • Inventor of Dreams: Nikola Tesla. See today’s comments instead.
  • British success heralds gene therapy revolution.
  • Black holes influence knowledge of the universe.
  • NASA Cassini Images Reveal Titan is an Active, Earth-like World. Surface Features on Titan – Close-Ups.
  • Smithsonian honors Paul Allen, SpaceShipOne crew.
  • Astronomers Map Chaotic Galaxy’s Magnetic Field.
  • RHESSI Satellite Captures Giant Gamma-ray Flare.
  • Engineers to offer a direct line to ETs by broadcasting phone calls directly into space. And at only $3.99 per minute.
  • Mars Rover makes record-breaking sprint due to autonomous decisions when navigating around obstacles.
  • Muon Opportunists: Natural Probes to Detect the Unseen in Pyramids, Vocanoes, and other dense objects.
  • Spelunking on Mars: Caves are Hot Spots In Search for Life.
  • Cooperation is key – a new way of looking at MicroRNA and how it controls gene expression.
  • New Insights Into the Brain’s Remembrance of Emotional Events.
  • New metallic laminate rivals steel but at half the density.
  • Temperature Inside Collapsing Bubble Four Times That of the Sun.
  • New Technique to Free Seismologists from β€˜Tyranny‘ of Earthquakes.
  • An intrepid band of latter-day pioneers has nearly completed its mission: blazing a thousand-mile overland supply route to the South Pole.
  • Where would we be without it? The invention of the camera prompted a widespread rediscovery of the world.
  • Ex-Marine Says Public Version of Saddam Capture is Fiction.
  • Agents of Persuasion: Public health agenda reinforces the powerlessness of the individual.
  • Hatred of Corporations Spreads Across the Internet.
  • Not Lost in Translation: The Phraselators Are Coming. I’ve wanted one of these for decades.
  • The Friar and the Cipher: Roger Bacon and the Unsolved Mystery of the Most Unusual Manuscript in the World. Amazon US and UK.

Quote of the Day:

Science is some kind of Cosmic apple juice from the Garden of Eden.

Lewis M. Branscomb

  1. Sadam and Osama
    Two interesting news links there. I can well belive that the US made up the story of the sadam capture to try and show how down and out he was and how little strength the old iraq had. I don’t see why he wouldnt be blasting away AK47 in hand….
    As for the Osama and remote viewing story….. America has said for ages that if they cut off “the head of the snake” then the war on terror would be over much quicker. the porblem theyhave is that if they hav Osama and Sadam in captivity then the US and WORLD people would be more against the war on terror as in their eyes it would be over, as the head would be captured. Why not, (IF remote viewing works) find him, follow him and just mkae sure he does nothing to insite the people out there…. while USA fight their war around the world.

    1. RE: Sadam and Osama
      Kainen: As for the Osama and remote viewing story….. America has said for ages that if they cut off “the head of the snake” then the war on terror would be over much quicker.

      It would appear to me that – following 911 – the oft-replicated fear phrase war on terrorism has become the ‘real’ terror, at least as experienced by consumers of newspapers and television. As Graham Hancock might (or might not) say ‘is it not then possible …’ … that more people on this planet have been ‘terror-fied’ by George Bush and his ilk over the past four years than by any planned (or imagined) terrorist activities instigated or inspired by Bin Laden or Hussein?

      (… oh, and speaking of all mysteries circa 666 et al., … why does ‘cutting the head off a snake‘ remind me of the gruesome fate of a certain Johannes Bobbit ?)

      Kainen: the porblem (sic) theyhave (sicsic) is that if they hav (sic) Osama and Sadam in captivity then the US and WORLD people would be more against the war on terror as in their eyes it would be over, as the head would be captured.

      This is all about oral sex – isn’t it? Capturing the head … next thing you know, we’ll be seeing horrific stories of shameful people who ‘only pay lip service’ to their governments.

      Kainen: Why not, (IF remote viewing works) find him, follow him and just mkae (sci) sure he does nothing to insite (sisc) the people out there…. while USA fight their war around the world.

      I dunno … could it be possible that keeping Osama in the limelight provides a useful distraction for Bush and company to legitimize their quest for world domination?

      sincerely, yet likely not even remotely yours


      1. Oh my god, The remote viewing
        Oh my god, The remote viewing article quotes PRAVDA. I’m speachless. Is that credibility I just saw flying out the window? Why yes, it is!

    2. Ex-marine
      It didn’t take long for this story to be debunked. The ‘marine’ may not be a marine at all and there were no marines there the day Saddam was captured.

      But, hey, any accusation against George Bush is as good as truth when you hate him enough, right?


        1. Where was Saddam ?
          It’s a set up. Saddam Hussain was a prisoner of war for quite a long time before his faked capture (which was withheld until the US needed extra bonus points at home.)

          This new story from the claimed marine was designed to be debunked quickly because the real story about Mr Hussain being a prisoner of war is about to come out and the fake marine will make the real story appear fake as well.


      1. Ex-marine
        Linking articles which espouse an alternative view of history is in keeping with The Daily Grail’s mission, and in no way implies hatred of George Bush or anyone else.

        Whether the news you get here involves UFOs, Bigfoot, the alignment of stars and pyramids, secret societies, or the hidden history of whoever or whatever, as Greg has frequently said, Caveat Lector. Every TDG news editor posts articles which we may personally think are pure hogwash, because our philosophy is that it’s up to each individual to weigh and consider for themselves.

        It’s nice to see that you’ve done just that. Let’s us know our readers are paying attention. πŸ˜‰


  2. Terrific links Kat!!!!!!
    Well done Kat,you’ve proved the girls are as good as the boys.
    Or better.
    The experiments to see if water has a memory seem to have failed after all.There must be some reason that homeopathy works.
    I would be doubtful about homeopathy eccept that it works with animals so there has to be something there.

    Love the Friar and the Cipher.

    I suppose Bill is away on his experiments again.One of these days he won’t come back or he will come back with bits missing.But he won’t listen to anyone.
    Greg is off looking for yowies and I hope he doesn’t find them.They might tear him to bits.I wonder if he asked Tim where to look.

    I thought I would take my digital camera out tonight and catch some UFOs but my eyes are too sore so they will have to wait, and I won’t be famous for another few days.

    Have a nice weekend, you’ve had a busy week.


    1. water’s memory
      Thanks for the compliments.

      Keep in mind, this was only one of many experiments regarding the ‘memory’ of water. Others have come up with different results. But as far as I’m concerned, homeopathy works because of the ‘memory’ of the aether rather than the water anyway.

      I have had a busy week, but I love this place! Every time I click on my TDG fast-link, my heart leaps in anticipation. πŸ˜‰


    2. What the heck is ‘yowies ‘?
      Er, yes, what’s that? Some kind of Australian flying hobit thing?

      Fairball doesn’t know the answer either (and he’s more curious being a cat and all that) πŸ™‚

        1. drop bears
          That’s hilarious EM.I got that email the other day.Do you have it so you can post it here? Mine is probably deleted.My grandkids have been warning me about drop bears even since I told them.


          1. e-mail? What e-mail? I was ju
            e-mail? What e-mail? I was just confusing a guy in Argentina with them the other day so it was kind of fresh in my mind. I can dig up a couple of things when I get home tonight….Unfortunatly I still have four hours to go before I can leave. I realy miss human contact when working on weekends lol. But yes I shall see what I can find and chuck it on here.

          2. Bananas in Pyjamas
            Hey EM you gotta admit whoever did the headline on Drudge yesterday must have had a laugh.
            The caption over MJ in pyjamas read…
            Bananas in Pyjamas.


          3. Ah yes, banannas in PJ’s, I l
            Ah yes, banannas in PJ’s, I like that show. Sure beats most of the garbage TV tries to force down my daughters throat. Lucky me when a great aunt first purchased a TV set we had staple things like , The Wombles, Clangers, Bill and Ben (Not the new one)Fat Cat, Humphry B Bear, Aunty Jack, Mr Squiggle et al. Quality TV.
            Oh and a couple of Drop Bear Links for you as well

          4. drop bears
            That’s them!
            I first heard of drop bears when someone sent me an email ages ago supposedly from the Australian Tourist Board before the Sydney Olympics.
            There were all these silly questions people from other countries were asking about Australia and one was about these vicious little bears that climb trees.They gave them the answer about the drop bears.I can’t remember the others, have to find them.
            And Aunty Jack! Loved him!
            Thanks EM


      1. Hi Arch and Hairball
        I would have thought Hairball would have known, as animals usually know these things.Has he had his latest check-up? Have you asked him in private?
        Is he a little deaf?
        If none of the above I can only assume he doesn’t want you to know he knows.
        A yowie is a sort of bigfoot creature that lives in the hinterland in Queensland.
        They are so elusive that whenever I tried to take a pic of the yowie statue at Kilcoy it never came out.
        BTW that statue had a male member, and a certain person I know used to lie down on the ground to photograph it to make sure it got in the pic.I think so many people played around with it that the council finally moved the offending piece.
        Now it is not worth looking at.


        1. Yowies and male members and stuff
          “I would have thought Hairball would have known, as animals usually know these things.Has he had his latest check-up? Have you asked him in private?
          Is he a little deaf?
          If none of the above I can only assume he doesn’t want you to know he knows.”

          His latest checkup turned out fine.
          He’s a crytpic little bugger at times (I even suspect he’s learned to read and that’s why he’s staring at the PC screen).

          I’m glad I started quite an extensive yowie-logy debate here.

          What’s with male members being removed? King Tut still searches around for his own? Btw, are yowies well-hung?

          PS: Thanks Dr Ash and people for the yowie links!

          1. dear little Hairball
            Hi Archdake,
            I am so glad that Hairball’s latest checkup was fine.As I handed my parrot his Chuppa-chup this morning I noticed that he has black ink all around the front of his hairline.
            He has been into the pens again.

            Are yowies well-hung?
            Funny you should ask Arch.
            VERY funny you should ask.
            I mean, how many people ask you personal things like that.
            Yes, this yowie in Kilcoy was very well-hung.That’s why Kilcoy had so many tourists all with cameras.
            Now that the male member is gone hardly anyone ever goes there, what with the denuded forest and the meatworks and the trailer parks.
            I personally wouldn’t be seen dead in Kilcoy any more now that the yowie is missing his appendage.
            I do have a photo of that particular yowie somewhere.I will try and find it.I think it was removed from the net years ago.
            Kiss Hairball for me, and ask him if he would consider joining my church, the Church of the Latter Day Pariahs.I will send you a list of charges I usually make, and there is a small tithe of 50% of whatever you have.


          2. Pure scientific curiosity
            Don’t get me wrong, it’s the pure, innocent scientific curiosity that led me into making this question :). It’s like asking if horses have long …legs!

            You don’t know who’s the current owner of the missing part, do you?

        1. yowies??????
          excuse me Dr Ash, your first line was factual, then I think you got confused with Russel Crow!
          I kinda like the nickname….skunk ape….but if we were to through some muscle, skin and a generous serving of hair on that neanderthal skeleton, we may have our selves a yowie!!!!!!

          the one who seeks with open heart and mind will find the truth

          1. Now Floppy mate,
            NOw Floppy mate, leave the old Russell alone.He’s my dream boat.Yes I know he is arrogant, piggish,rude,self-obsessed,can’t sing,etc etc, but he is the best damn actor in the world and whenever I see him in Gladiator I go neek at the wees.
            You go find your own yowie and let me have Russell.


          2. lol
            me thinks you should up your meds
            each to their own.
            I hope those bay breezes aren’t blowing accross Lyton oil refinery into your lounge room.

            the one who seeks with open heart and mind will find the truth

          3. Bay breezes
            That’s exactly where those bay breezes come from Floppy, from Lytton Oil Refinery.
            I reckon you can smell it on the breeze,along with the failed sewerage system that the council keeps telling us is seaweed caught in the lagoon at king tide.
            My son took me to Montville and Maleny today to the markets and to lunch for his 40th birthday.He is my baby, all 6ft 4in of him.
            We started off to Eumundi and got lost.A pair of idiots.
            Never mind it was nice to get off the peninsula for a day.
            Hope all is OK with you.
            Keep in touch.


    3. Vanilla Sky
      Hey Kat,

      When you are used to “Chocolate Therapy, Chunky Monkey, or Cherry Garcia”, vanilla can be kinky πŸ™‚

      Great links, great work…you should have done this years ago.


      1. chocolate therapy and Kat?????
        Kat did do this years ago, and was great then too……chocolate therapy sounds a bit sexual to me….or is it just my mind.. I don’t mean to tie those two comments together.

        the one who seeks with open heart and mind will find the truth

        1. I’d go for some chocolate therapy
          >>Kat did do this years ago, and was great then too

          I did? Damn, maybe my memory is worse than I thought! Naughhh, Cernig was talking about my recent promotion to Editor status so I could cover Greg’s news posts while he’s off Yowie hunting.

          >>chocolate therapy sounds a bit sexual to me….or is it just my mind.

          Nah, mate — sounds sexual to me too. Truth be told, that’s why I picked that Ben & Jerry flavor for my intro. But as good as it is, chocolate’s no substitute for the real deal. πŸ˜‰

          p.s. Sorry if I embarrassed the hell out of you when you showed back up. hahahaha What can I say; I missed you.

          1. embarass…..hah
            You couldn’t embarass me…….but it gladened my heart you missed me.
            I’m still only back in fragments until this damn technology that Telstra has can work out here in the wild west……
            I have your e-mail now so a indepth explaination will follow soon.
            Gee it’s good to read some old faces……if you get my meaning..hehehe

            the one who seeks with open heart and mind will find the truth

          2. well there you go
            Hey floppy I’m reading your old face for a start.I have your email toooooooo……….
            so watch out for the TORMENTOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


          3. wots this about chocolate?
            So what did you do with the chocolate Kat?
            You can tell me, I won’t tell anyone.Just whisper it here below my post.
            And how come Floppy knows all about it?
            I’m going to have to catch up with you little buggers one day.


  3. Psychic spies
    I remember reading some reports of the psychic abilities that had been developed by prisoners at Guatanamo Bay and how they were able to communicate between each other and associates throughout the world. I suppose these sorts of conditions of isolation would be conducive to developing remote viewing or astral planing and maybe the US has shot itself in the foot a little by providing people, keen to remain in contact, with ideal conditions to do so.

  4. Revenge of the Sith — coming soon…
    Anyone want to watch the trailer for Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith?

    Judging by the trailer, this could well be the best episode since 1977. It premieres in the U.S. on May 19th.


  5. Tesla article fubar — but we’ve got Tesla for you here…
    Aww, heck, I could have sworn that whole American Scientist article was there when I linked it. For anyone else who was disappointed in not being able to read it, I offer these alternatives:

    Generalised Classical Electrodynamics for the prediction of scalar field effects: ‘the theoretical background of Tesla’s longitudinal electric waves, electrostatic energy,
    the Hutchison effect, and more’

    Two great new zero point energy books!

    Untold story of Edison: Brilliant Croatian scientist Nikola Tesla brought out the worst in our famous inventor.

    Lowrance Theory for Energy Extraction from Matter.


  6. Prehistoric Forests
    This was interesting. It is one of only two or three dreams I remember as a child. In it I am floating over a VERY thick forest amongst rolling hills and very occasional clearings. I sort of knew it was in europe and it seemed very very ancient. I never saw much more than the canopy and a sole stone turret.For a dream it is remarkable how “real” it was and how it has always stayed with me, In fact it is my one true “Happy Place” I always thought it was just a dream as the forest was so different than what I thought it was in europe.

    1. dream
      EM that makes me sad when you say that dream was your one true Happy Place.
      I know just what you mean, and hope like blazes that you have a Happy Place now that will always be your’s.


      1. lol don’t be sad for me.

        lol don’t be sad for me.
        At least that dream was better than the one where I was driving around a post apocalyptic city in a huge pink caddilac convertable. The driver was a classic punk type with green mohawk and his girlfriend had pink hair. I was in the boot space with a machine gun which was mounted like the ones in “Rat Patrol”

    2. … it appared that prior mod
      … it appared that prior modern man we had neanderthals running out wild in europe including also western and central eurasia all of what had reasonable forest densities of NE – CCN(Moscow Meridiani) – CWest(of eurasia including no india ) : thick broadleaf forests – less dense broadleaf forests – not habitted by man coniferous tree forests

      ok 2 the point your EM puts my PM into very – very bad light, wahhahaa – PM? ok it’s for plutos moon originally

      1. Sorry PM but you have lost me
        Sorry PM but you have lost me. I proffess that I am not the sharpest knife in the box so I am probably missing something. If you would care to explain a little more I would be gratefull.
        Shadows if I was in Mad max I would have been driving the XB coupe, not one of those hatchett jobs the others were driving lol. As far as I am concerned there was only one film and that was the first. The others were not as good seeing they destroyed his car in the second πŸ™

        1. something
          ? if it concerns the first part – it’s something i remember from somewhere – if the 2-nd – then it’s a bit confusing – namely wich orbital position would cast apropriate light in suggested way – it’s astrophysics i gess that is studing the moon phases and space bodies movements – perhaps i over reacted – also whahaha is an ancient epression denoting to such mindstate of a person where this person is incapable at that time to see some subject in acceptable (to that person – again) shape or form or way or connection or e.c.

        2. Mad Max
          I’ll drink to that!
          Geez I loved old Mel in those days.
          I can remember my young nieces putting his picture on the fridge and trying to train my 2 year old granddaughter to say “He’s a hunk, he’s a spunk”.
          Now I wouldn’t give tuppence for Mad Mel.
          Yeh you’re right, the only good movie was the first one.I sorta got lost after that.


          1. Pineal Gapped USAUKLA
            the one who seeks with open heart and mind will find the truth

            IMHO … Pig’s auckland farcical.

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