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Are the spheroids really 3 billion years old, or is the rock they are found in a lot younger? Either way, if they aren’t hoaxes, belief systems the world over are in trouble. Everyone will just have to find a new set of wrong ideas.

  • 3 billion year old manufactured spheroids?
  • God under a microscope.
  • Ancient sky map or fake? German experts row over star disc.
  • Ancient earth drawings found in Peru.
  • Formaldehyde claim inflames martian debate.
  • Engineers devise invisibility shield.
  • Is ancient burial box a hoax? It depends on whom you ask.
  • New crocodile species helps prove land links.
  • Implanted electrodes combat depression.
  • Are we born to believe?
  • Frozen bacterium has implications for Mars.
  • Bacteria turn to chemistry.
  • Solar Tadpoles wave at Astrophysicists.
  • Ancient texts as fossils: how they survive.
  • Elephant to get 4 months of acupuncture.
  • How does an arid and bone-dry landscape form the largest canyon in the solar system? One imagines the plasma cosmologists have other ideas.
  • Fossils push human emergence back to 195000 years ago. The accuracy is amazing.
  • Biological clock may shut down long-term memory at night. With good reason, waking up is so often the result of alarm.
  • Largest machines on Earth: particle colliders. One way out at Iapetus as well.
  • Gigantic solar storms slash ozone levels.
  • Carbon dating clock reset.

Quote of the Day:

One of the lessons of history is that nothing is often a good thing to do and always a clever thing to say.

Will Durant