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From the distant past, to distant moons, enjoy the ride…

  • A palaeontologist says medieval manuscripts should be treated as fossils from extinct species.
  • Was Chaucer murdered in 1400? Or did he go on a medieval pub crawl? Terry Jones of Monty Python fame asks these questions and more in his book Who Murdered Chaucer? A Medieval Mystery (Amazon US or UK).
  • Pursuing an Afghan monk who may have discovered America. Dirk Gently is not involved in the pursuit, but President Bush has ordered several dozen copies for the Pentagon library.
  • Seven cuneiform tablets dating to 4000-years-ago have been discovered in Iran. Excellent photo.
  • Also found in Iran, Achaemenid-era stone fragments that could be part of a monument.
  • And guess where again? In Iran, an 8000-year-old stone workshop is also being excavated. I guess Iranian archaeologists are excavating as much as they can before Bush bombs it all to pieces in June.
  • An Australian archaeological team in Egypt has unearthed three coffins dating from 672 BC to 525 BC. The amazing thing is they did it without Zahi Hawass interfering.
  • The mystery of UFOs: Unidentified Fossilised Objects.
  • Twisting historical truth for Hollywood entertainment. Kids in schools these days, they are so disrespectful — I would never have eaten popcorn whilst Jerry Bruckheimer was teaching me about Pearl Harbour.
  • A water witcher hangs up his rods after 50 years of successful dowsing. He will now spend his time drowsing.
  • Some heart-transplant recipients report strange changes.
  • Young blood can help old bodies heal. Vampire-fanged dentures are all the rage in Florida.
  • An assistant professor wins scientific acclaim for demonstrating how an asteroid cooled the earth down 34-million-years-ago.
  • Scientists are worried about changes in the Earth’s magnetic field. 2012 anyone?
  • A bizarre heatwave affected Greenland earlier this month.
  • Say hello to Methone, Pallene, and Polydeuces, Saturn’s previously undiscovered moons.
  • Astronomers have discovered a star-less galaxy made of dark matter. My God, it’s not full of stars.
  • Life exists in some of the most hostile places on Earth. The same can be said of Mars.
  • If gases exist in the Martian atmosphere, then this could indicate Martian life according to an Italian scientist.
  • Bacterium frozen in Antarctic ice for 30’000 years started swimming as soon as it thawed. I’ve got a bad feeling about this …
  • The Ancient Chinese may have used diamonds to cut and polish tools 6000-years-ago.
  • Why did prehistoric man crawl deep into caves and paint art? I don’t know why, but I find the statement, “Much nonsense has been published about “shamans”, hallucinations and the like, but these fantasies tell us a great deal about the theorists and nothing about the Ice Age artists”, quite offensive.
  • Keanu Reeves says he saw the Devil. No Keanu, that was a Hollywood producer.
  • A German tourist apparently took photographs of a Tasmanian Tiger. The article has no images because the tourist took the photographs back home with him and didn’t leave copies for study. Apparently a couple of experts did get to study the photographs before they were whisked away to Oktoberfest.
  • The mystery of Orang Pendek: is the Flores Hobbit still alive in the Indonesian jungles today?
  • In Moscow, a new television documentary series promises to be a Russian X-Files.

Much thanks to Kat and her amazing acidophilus.

Quote of the Day:

I’d rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy.

Tom Waits