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News Briefs 25-02-2005

Wrap your brain with a protective layer of the Daily Grail news before entering the weekend time accelerator………

  • Scientists are marveling at a fossil find in California that has produced the remains of a never-before-seen bear-dog, a badger-like creature and a monstrous predator.
  • A 40 million-year-old ancient crocodile is found in Australia that fills-in the evolutionary gap.
  • The skeleton of a giant panda has been found in a 4,000-year-old tomb in central China.
  • Archaeologists have been left mystified by the discovery of 36 decapitated bodies. Theories abound. What’s yours?
  • King Tut continues a balance between showbiz and science. Zahi should be as balanced.
  • The bones of Homo floresiensis, aka the Hobbits, have at last been returned to the team that originally discovered them.
  • The discovery of a 160,000-year old human-like skull in Ethiopia has inspired an Israeli expedition to unlock the mystery of human origins.
  • An Italian sex researcher claims he can tell a woman’s personality from the size and shape of her breasts. I just report this stuff, folks.
  • A 1-kilometer-high thermal power station called the Solar Tower project taken a significant step with the purchase of a 25,000-acre sheep farm in the Australian outback. No sheep required.
  • Hydroelectric power’s dirty secret is revealed.
  • The success of dowsers doesn’t surprise the people who know the most about finding underground water, hydrogeologists for the United States Geological Survey.
  • Megacryometeors that fall from sky defy explanation.
  • Journalist Hunter S. Thompson’s remains may go out in a cannon flash, just like he wanted.
  • If you are near Lingfield’s Greyhound Inn go by and visit with the ghosts and ghouls. They’re friendly, but shy.
  • It has been suggested that that autism is a result of today’s environment or recent vaccine technologies, but fairytales and folklore dating back hundreds of years contain evidence of autism.
  • Smile, no fillings needed. Synthetic enamel fixes rotten teeth.
  • Meat-eating is why our teeth grow crooked, why our jaws are small, and why we’re relatively good at processing cholesterol.
  • Cured by faith healing?
  • Psychedelic medicine: Mind bending, health giving. Weren’t we here in the ’60s?
  • Cannabis may help prevent Alzheimer’s memory loss. Just don’t forget where you put your stash.
  • The BMJ urges the superstitious practice known as ‘branding treatment’ in rural India.
  • The wallaby’s genetic code offers human insights.
  • The future of male pregnancy is drawing near. I’ll pass, thanks anyway.
  • Termites use vibrations to choose the wood they eat providing insights into the “cocktail party effect” of signal processing. Do you get the feeing that someone has provided a schematic for artificial intelligence?
  • Robots are teaching researchers a thing or two about rats, and rats about robots, in an unusual research program that has roboticists working alongside psychologists.
  • A U.S. scientist claims to have thawed out a new life form, which he said raises questions about possible contemporary life on Mars.
  • Having trouble making sense out of the nature of reality? Here’s your chance to learn the secrets of the cosmos from one of the worlds top theoretical physicists, Roger Penrose, author of The Road to Reality. Amazon US and UK.
  • Several highly respected physicists say it might be possible to construct a force-field machine that acts on all matter in a way that is similar to gravity. Let’s rephrase that: Several highly respected physicists are building an anti-gravity machine.
  • Matter nears light speed when entering a black hole. The way I learned it, that should have consumed all the matter in the universe. Why, then, is the universe still in existence? Maybe it isn’t.
  • Reusable spaceplanes that propel ticket-holding passengers to the edge of space are slowly becoming reality.
  • High-resolution Mars Express images point to a frozen sea near the Martian equator that may contain underground ice.
  • Saturn’s A Ring has oxygen, but not life.
  • Titan is a world that never grew up.
  • NASA and several other countries plan to send a whole suite of robot scouts to the moon over the next few years in search of the essential ingredient of space exploration.
  • Life is so sad for the orphan planets. Won’t you help? Dig deep and send what you can to help these worlds that wander without destination in the numbing, frigid desert of deep space. I won’t do anything about it but you can transfer the guilt.

Quote if the Day

There are some things so serious you have to laugh at them.

Niels Bohr

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