News Briefs 18-02-2005

We fooled them again, didn’t we? It’s time to slip into the ever-loving arms of the weekend with TDG news ……….

  • The fossil of a prehistoric crocodile is teaching scientists about what the world was like on the ancient continent of Gondwana, when all continents were one land mass.
  • Let’s cut to the chase. Did Neanderthals and modern humans do it?
  • The fossilized skeleton of a rabbit-like creature that lived 55-million years ago has been found in Mongolia.
  • Mammoth and camel bones unearthed in northwest Kansas that date back 12,200-years could be part of one of the most important archaeological sites in North America.
  • For the first time in Baja California, archaeologists have found significant evidence of hunters who settled the region between 7,000 and 10,000 years ago.
  • The sea claimed an ancient capital of India. Now it has given it back
  • Some geneticists have welcomed the scrapping of the Tasmanian tiger cloning project, arguing it is a waste of precious resources.
  • Indian tribes that failed to block the scientific examination of the 9,400-year-old remains known as Kennewick Man are appealing a court ruling in hopes of gaining a role in future discoveries.
  • Prehistoric jawbone reveals evolution repeating itself.
  • New Zealand unveils Stonehenge replica. That should confuse future archaeologists.
  • Slugs, leeches and earthworms inspire new robotic devices.
  • Amid the Kyoto celebrations, is climate change a menace or myth?
  • GM food will save the world. GM crops will destroy the world. More saving. Take your pick.
  • A new device destroys biological weapons.
  • Global terrorism follows a power law. Interesting.
  • Robocopter captures the defense money.
  • A Winnipeg professor argues that the Manitoba legislature has occult roots.
  • Data on over one million crucial DNA variations in three racial groups should pave the way for individualized medicines. Is this racist?
  • A three-year-old has become the youngest member of the high IQ group Mensa after taking a series of tests run by psychologists.
  • Scientists have discovered that HIV, the virus which causes AIDS, could in fact hold the key to curing cancer.
  • How our brains help warn us off dangers.
  • Amid the nation’s starvation, poverty, and a raging AIDS epidemic, the king of Swaziland gives each of his 10 wives a new BMW while he picks his next wife from the ranks of the topless, dancing virgins. It’s good being king.
  • Take it easy ladies, we’re wired this way. Why men fall asleep after sex.
  • The Bible says Edom’s kings interacted with ancient Israel, but some scholars have confidently declared that no Edomite state could have existed that early. And the winner is ………….
  • Bold naked images of Jesus draw protest. Surely the Romans wouldn’t have crucified him naked.
  • Theologists debate fossils vs. faith.
  • Here’s documentation on the moving rocks of Death Valley. With pics.
  • Scientists in India finally understands how UFOs hover all around us without being visible. What took so long?
  • ‘I believe’ is the watchword as a UFO group gathers to share research.
  • An invisible tiny UFO is caught by scientists. It’s all in how one phrases things.
  • Earth creates powerful gamma-ray flashes.
  • A unique and comfortable Russian spaceship to fly to the Moon and to the orbital station.
  • Did you know that your moon is rumbling? Scientists find a deeper meaning the event.
  • Astronomers announced the discovery of 12 previously unknown worlds, bringing the total count of planets outside our solar system to 145.
  • Titan’s features emerge from the haze.
  • Meshed theories could explain planet formation.
  • Sea of Tranquility, Bay of Rainbows, Bach crater, and the Wagner Mountain range – did you ever wonder how newly discovered moons and new features on planets are named?
  • Summit calls for more space cooperation.
  • Mars rover finds a bizarre new rock.
  • Sniff of life on Mars has tongues wagging.
  • Black holes bend light the ‘wrong’ way.

Quote of the Day:

I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I intended to be.

Douglas Noel Adams

  1. Bill’s take on global warming
    Bill, what is your view of global warming? Me thinks, you think all alarms going off are mythic or alarmist. It is a disservice at this point to dismiss global warming as myth. Studies by oil companies and coal burning power plants have an interest in disclaiming”obvious” signs of warming. The bible thumping right wing extremists that make up American politic care less about warming, hell they want rapture, the sooner the better. Calling warming at this late date a myth is part and parcel of American politic/madness. 140 nations signed Koyoto. The worlds leading polluter did not. How to change the rapture mindset? One world under seige by pollution is not a myth.Shine forth brave souls. You too, Bill.

  2. New religion
    Hi Denzo,

    My view on GW is that it is a bogus scam. It is presently being used in an attempt to hobble the production rate in the United States because Europe can’t match the US rate. You are entirely wrong about religious bodies and GW – mainstream religions have embraced GW. I do find it interesting that you mentioned Bible-thumping fundamentalists. There are many similarities between fundamentalism and Global Warming fanatics.

    Both fundamentalism and GW fanatics faith-based beliefs. Fundamentalists put their faith in the Bible and feel that it is their duty to save the rest of us. GW fanatics put their faith in computer models that don’t include dust, clouds, or oceans. GW fanatics subscribe to the teachings of “all the scientists”; they ignore that many scientists disagree with the GW concept. Neither fundamentalism or the GW thesis has scientific data to back-up the claim. In fact, in the case of GW, there is an abundance of data to disprove the concept.

    GW relies on “all the scientists” and “save the planet” concepts that are both shaky foundations for a religion, but many of the adherents don’t understand the concept of runaway-greenhouse is anyway. Many GW believers do not fathom that the greenhouse gasses pass white-light but absorb and re-radiate infrared energy. Most GW believers are unaware that throposcopic temperature has been monitored for many years, and that no increase in temperature has been observed. Without a temperature increase in the troposphere there can be no enhanced greenhouse effect and therefore, no Global Warming. If the temperature of the planet is increasing, it must be for other reasons. Simple physics.

    But many Global Warmers don’t understand or care about any of that. “Everybody knows” GW is true, so it must be true. Faith-based belief in an obscure event. But if you read the article that I linked, the tide may be turning.

    Keep the faith, I’ll take the science. If you can, present one piece of data to support the GW thesis and we can discuss it.


  3. safe and sound
    hi bill, nice to see you back safe and sound again.every time you go off on those philadelphia-type experiments i think you won’t be back.there are lots of nice jobs out there where you would not have to endanger your life.well,i shouldn’t interfere but i would be very distressed if one of my boys was doing that for a living.

    i am not getting into the gw debate because i don’t know enough about it.but i do believe that we should treat the earth with stands to reason that you should not pollute the waterways or the air we breathe.


    1. The god of Global Warming
      Hi Shadows,

      Everyone believes that we should treat the earth with respect. No one believes that pollute the waterways or the air we breathe with detrimental toxins. But carbon dioxide is the life’s blood to the crops, food, fiber, and those roses that you grow. Everything on the planet would die without carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is non-toxic and does not harm animals. We suck it in with each breath. But notice how the Global Warming religion has redefined carbon dioxide as pollution.

      “The worlds leading polluter did not.”

      The scripture from the holy script of Global Warming. The GW religion now has defined carbon dioxide as pollution. Next they will link arms, sway and sing “Kum-ba-ya, carbon dioxide, Kum-ba-ya.”

      Plants should get a vote in this.

      As far as the Philadelphia experiment goes, quantumly-speaking, we’re all in two places (or more) at the same instant. The universe is more complex than we can fathom.


  4. GW
    Bill the proof for global warming is in the tempertures of the oceans and rising ocean levels. Bill the time is neigh. The evidence is overwelming. People who suscribe to the myth of no global warming are in my opinion “myopic/nuts”. Perhaps you should expand your research in this matter.

    1. There’s help for you

      Damn Denzo, that was quick. A single exchange in the discussion and you are already reduced to ad hominen attacks. That’s a good indicator that you have very little knowledge or argument.

      You have yet to show us some of this overwhelming evidence, or any evidence for that matter. Have you ever read anything about the numerous possibilities of the causes of elevated sea temperatures? Are you aware that seawater temperatures are also falling in many places? Did you know about the recently discovered eleven submerged volcanoes? Do you know about cyclical changes?

      You need to learn more about how the planet works, the natural greenhouse effect, and possibilities for climate change. I’m recommending Michael Crichton’s State of Fear to you, Amazon US and UK. It’s a novel that that doesn’t require a scientific background.


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