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We fooled them again, didn’t we? It’s time to slip into the ever-loving arms of the weekend with TDG news ……….

  • The fossil of a prehistoric crocodile is teaching scientists about what the world was like on the ancient continent of Gondwana, when all continents were one land mass.
  • Let’s cut to the chase. Did Neanderthals and modern humans do it?
  • The fossilized skeleton of a rabbit-like creature that lived 55-million years ago has been found in Mongolia.
  • Mammoth and camel bones unearthed in northwest Kansas that date back 12,200-years could be part of one of the most important archaeological sites in North America.
  • For the first time in Baja California, archaeologists have found significant evidence of hunters who settled the region between 7,000 and 10,000 years ago.
  • The sea claimed an ancient capital of India. Now it has given it back
  • Some geneticists have welcomed the scrapping of the Tasmanian tiger cloning project, arguing it is a waste of precious resources.
  • Indian tribes that failed to block the scientific examination of the 9,400-year-old remains known as Kennewick Man are appealing a court ruling in hopes of gaining a role in future discoveries.
  • Prehistoric jawbone reveals evolution repeating itself.
  • New Zealand unveils Stonehenge replica. That should confuse future archaeologists.
  • Slugs, leeches and earthworms inspire new robotic devices.
  • Amid the Kyoto celebrations, is climate change a menace or myth?
  • GM food will save the world. GM crops will destroy the world. More saving. Take your pick.
  • A new device destroys biological weapons.
  • Global terrorism follows a power law. Interesting.
  • Robocopter captures the defense money.
  • A Winnipeg professor argues that the Manitoba legislature has occult roots.
  • Data on over one million crucial DNA variations in three racial groups should pave the way for individualized medicines. Is this racist?
  • A three-year-old has become the youngest member of the high IQ group Mensa after taking a series of tests run by psychologists.
  • Scientists have discovered that HIV, the virus which causes AIDS, could in fact hold the key to curing cancer.
  • How our brains help warn us off dangers.
  • Amid the nation’s starvation, poverty, and a raging AIDS epidemic, the king of Swaziland gives each of his 10 wives a new BMW while he picks his next wife from the ranks of the topless, dancing virgins. It’s good being king.
  • Take it easy ladies, we’re wired this way. Why men fall asleep after sex.
  • The Bible says Edom’s kings interacted with ancient Israel, but some scholars have confidently declared that no Edomite state could have existed that early. And the winner is ………….
  • Bold naked images of Jesus draw protest. Surely the Romans wouldn’t have crucified him naked.
  • Theologists debate fossils vs. faith.
  • Here’s documentation on the moving rocks of Death Valley. With pics.
  • Scientists in India finally understands how UFOs hover all around us without being visible. What took so long?
  • ‘I believe’ is the watchword as a UFO group gathers to share research.
  • An invisible tiny UFO is caught by scientists. It’s all in how one phrases things.
  • Earth creates powerful gamma-ray flashes.
  • A unique and comfortable Russian spaceship to fly to the Moon and to the orbital station.
  • Did you know that your moon is rumbling? Scientists find a deeper meaning the event.
  • Astronomers announced the discovery of 12 previously unknown worlds, bringing the total count of planets outside our solar system to 145.
  • Titan’s features emerge from the haze.
  • Meshed theories could explain planet formation.
  • Sea of Tranquility, Bay of Rainbows, Bach crater, and the Wagner Mountain range – did you ever wonder how newly discovered moons and new features on planets are named?
  • Summit calls for more space cooperation.
  • Mars rover finds a bizarre new rock.
  • Sniff of life on Mars has tongues wagging.
  • Black holes bend light the ‘wrong’ way.

Quote of the Day:

I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I intended to be.

Douglas Noel Adams