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News Briefs 17-02-2005

Unidentified Flying Humanoids, vampires and exorcisms, time travel and worldwide conspiracies. Just a normal day for your intrepid TDG news team. The truth may be in here – somewhere.

Thanks to Shadows for links.

Quote of the Day:

The ability to quote is a serviceable substitute for wit.

W Somerset Maugham

  1. Destroying the Earth
    Really enjoyed the article “How to destroy the Earth,” and all of the other links within the article. I hadn’t seen the Evil Overlord lists for a while either, so it was cool to see them again. Thanks for the link.


  2. unidentified flying humanoid
    I would suggest to you that the unidentified flying humanoid seen over Santa Monica last November was merely Satan getting ready for his December delivery of toys for children all over the world.
    There seems to be a giant conspiracy theory about him at present with everyone hopping on the band-wagon.
    Let’s all of us here at TDG give the man the respect he deserves.


  3. time travel
    Ankh, I think the time travel story must be for you.I seem to remember you asking for proof of it once somewhere or other.
    One of the best books I have read on time travel is The Last Day of Creation by German author Wolfgang Jeschke with an afterword by Brian Aldiss.
    It doesn’t offer any proof to me that it can be done but its plot unfolds with Americans sending thousands of volunteers millions of years back in time to divert the oil from the Gulf with huge pipelines.
    No, I am not making this up,I saw the book advertised somewhere on the net recently but can’t remember where.(I’m old).


  4. star in a jar

    Tss no neutrons cant be a star then- now wait a minute these scientists cant find any solar neutrons either, the whole nuclear fusion thing is conjecture- must be so no ? No ! So all the best to Professor Rusi Taleyarkhan, he’s on the right track, and if the scientific dogma doesn’t allow for it, who knows the chinese or iranians will want to pick up his ideas.

    ” do unto others as you would have them do unto you “

  5. exorcism

    One of the evilist depections must have been the movie the E. , if only possesion was so recognizable, it is not. Its a good idea to train exorcists- supposing they know where to look and have means to do something about it- doubtful-

    Anyway the catholic church should start with its own clergy- start at the top and then on. This vilist of all organizations that the planet has ever seen isnt forgiven just because its current pope has mumbled forgiveness for the evil bestowed on mankind. And when the exorcists are finished with the clergy i’d think mr bush, rumsfeld, cheney and schwarzen egger should be first in line to be cleansed of any evil spirits dwelling in them – mr randi comes to mind aswell- well i suppose there are many more, suggestions anyone…

    ” do unto others as you would have them do unto you “

    1. evil
      Come on Tox, I don’t really think Randi is evil, just vile.

      As for the Catholics, well, they haven’t actually changed in 1000 years.The only thing stopping them from getting away with Inquisitorial practices these days is that the public wouldn’t let them.But they’re all hooked up and ready to go if they suspect they might get away with it.
      Yes, I’ve always thought it strange that Catholics are always on the lookout for evil.Strange thing to do I think.Which proves to me that religion is about power.
      Cardinal Wolsey,chaplain to King henry V11 kept over 1000 servants to attend his every need.
      And you will notice that the polski papa only apologises when there is a public appeal for it.

      I can remember parish priests from my childhood that with the benefit of age I can now see were paedophiles.
      I forgave the nuns a long time ago.I saw them as victims as much as we kids were.Being the depository of the Irish poor, Australia copped all the Irish women whose families were too poor to feed them and thus gave them to the church.Ireland was still recovering from the potato famine in the days when the vast majority of young Irish women were conscripted for God.
      They left Ireland as young girls knowing they would never see their home again and most were very bitter.
      There weren’t so many Irish youths who could get into the church, it needed at least half a brain.And they were all happy for the work, respect and the opportunity for a good career move.The Christian Brothers were a bit different, being some of the most violent and disgusting people who ever wore a religious habit.
      As for Catholics priests or any ministers of god being able to drive out devils,I would rather put my fate in the hands of a good medium or hypnotist.

      And Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and that other idiot? Well, maybe its the other way around.Maybe they drive the devils between them.


  6. i know

    • Destroying the Earth is harder than you may have been led to believe – but here are some ideas. I bet TDGers can come up with some more.

    Hei! This is my station!

    by none of these: Primate Monkey, Prime Minister, Prime Meridian, Post Meridium, Programmable Memory, Processor Malfunction …

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