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Could Malaysian fruit farmers not use acupuncture to save the banana? Post your thoughts.

  • The geometric basis for the periodicity of the elements.
  • Ruins prove Romulus legend.
  • The history of man is being rewritten in Georgia.
  • Negative refraction may leave astronomy in disarray.
  • The ancient art of invention.
  • Biblical accounts of teleportation.
  • As long as the climate change debate is fuelled by politics, the science will remain up in the air.
  • Mathematicians’ jokes betray a deep-seated anxiety about the size of their proofs.
  • Greenhouse gases may make Mars more comfortable for humans. Only need worry about being pelted by meteorites everyday.
  • Kyoto protocol comes into force.
  • Deep-freeze project to save fruit.
  • Clues found to human genes.
  • Space tether to send satellites soaring.
  • Lobster colour has a quantum cause.
  • Asteroid near-miss on Friday the 13th. News is very quick these days.
  • Is there life on Mars? Looking for rock solid evidence.
  • What defines a planet? Astronomers disagree. They should use Star Trek as inspiration.
  • A whizz with words.
  • The soul of science. Notice where the individual lies on the pyramid. Family fares little better. Such are the times…
  • Einstein’s other theory.
  • The immortality race.
  • Genetic basis for spirituality?

Quote of the Day:

Nobody can give you freedom. Nobody can give you equality or justice or anything. If you’re a man, you take it.

Malcolm X