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If only it were all true… Post your thoughts.

  • Iapetus: a world ship. Part I and 2.
  • Carbon rich planets may boast diamond interiors. Somebody has been reading Arthur C. Clarke.
  • Decline of leprosy caused by a rise in TB. I hope they aren’t thinking to use that as some sort of cure.
  • The southern seas’ Stonehenge.
  • Brown Dwarfs may form mini solar systems. Like Saturn?
  • Can we rely on forensics as the arbiter of truth in the courtroom?
  • A global history of smoking.
  • Hot shot of Saturn’s hot spot. Not an explanation that convinces.
  • Menagerie of mummies unwraps ancient Egypt.
  • Aluminium atom clusters open door to a new Periodic Table and chemistry.
  • NASA budget kills Hubble telescope.
  • Reinventing Physics: the search for the real frontier.
  • Star slung out of the galaxy.
  • What exactly is under the sea?
  • Global taxation on the horizon?
  • Fixing a map in Crossing the Rubicon. An aside: could ancient life really be the cause of such a distribution of oil?
  • Life flourishes at crushing depth.
  • Martian methane mystery.
  • $2 Billion for Halliburton imaginary work. Does that scam work for everybody – just curious.

Quote of the Day:

What you do speaks so loud that I cannot hear what you say.