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I hope you are all having a sneeze-less day …

  • Monkeys “pay” to see higher-ranking monkeys and female hindquarters. I wonder what the results would be if monkeys studied us?
  • Neanderthals were deeply emotional beings with high-pitched voices, and they may even have sung to each other. I guess you can call them the Queens of the Stone Age.
  • The case of the Pearl of Allah (which really belonged to Lao Tzu). All this story needs is TinTin.
  • Is there a conspiracy to kill microbiologists? Steve Quayle thinks there is.
  • The occult and politics; is there a conspiracy to murder those who get too close to the truth? Or is Peter Levenda trying to sell his latest book (Amazon US or UK)?
  • Charges have been dropped against an amateur astronomer who exposed a buried surveillance network surrounding Area 51.
  • Three French physicists claim to know how UFOs fly.
  • Dr Bruce Maccabee researches a 1950 UFO case.
  • The similarities of modern alien abductee accounts and medieval reports of demonic oppression. No wonder the Vatican has official UFO researchers.
  • The girl with x-ray eyes. Can the skeptics see through her?
  • Did a Taiwanese politician go on an astral tour of Paris? Coming soon to theatres near you, A Chinese Ghost Story in Paris.
  • NASA uses radar technology to locate previously unknown sites at Angkor. How will this effect the archaeostronomy of Angkor, as demonstrated by Graham Hancock in Heaven’s Mirror (Amazon US or UK)?
  • Was there prehistoric transpacific contact between Polynesia and the Americas?
  • Dr Mike Xu has collected impressive evidence linking Ancient China and the Maya/Olmec of Central America.
  • A 7000-year-old village has been unearthed in China.
  • Scientists think they’ve nailed the magnetic star mystery.
  • NASA’s Mars Rovers are covered in dust. I wish it were the Philip Pullman version of Dust.
  • Celebrating a century of Einstein.
  • A toxic chemical used to clean the hulls of boats and ships may be causing hearing loss in whales.

Quote of the Day:

Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former.

Albert Einstein