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We’ve been here before, but not yet.

  • A new find supports the idea that the Aztecs cooked, skinned, and ate humans. It’s a cultural thing.
  • Prehistoric cannibalism triggered human evolution.
  • An ancient sanctuary of Hermes has been discovered in central Greece.
  • The Shroud of Turin is much older than radiocarbon tests suggest, according to new microchemical research. Does that make everything much older than radiocarbon tests suggest?
  • Musical instruments known as lithophones, thought to be about 3,000-years old, have been found by a team of Vietnamese archeologists.
  • An Ethiopian national treasure, the ancient Axum Obelisk that was plundered by Fascist Italy in 1937, will be returned by Rome in April.
  • Another great myth bites the dust. George Washington’s false teeth are not wooden.
  • Science skeptics meet on climate.
  • Atlantic El Niño warm up winters. Maybe the skeptics are right.
  • The British government says it is now working on a strategy to adapt to the effects of increasing climate change. Hula skirts and luau leis for Manchester residents.
  • A critically endangered tiger might have to be killed after a man reached through a chain-link fence at a zoo and was bitten by the animal. May we vote on this one?
  • The seedy mystery of why size matters.
  • The secret of the Venus Fly Trap has been revealed.
  • A new study suggests that it is difficult for a human to contract mad-cow disease.
  • The history of humanity is inseparable from the history of epidemics.
  • Sex pheromone spray boosts senior romance.
  • ‘Doctor Death’ to teach Australians how to make their own suicide pills.
  • Los Alamos scientist Steen Rasmussen plans to one-up nature by cobbling together a brand-new creature that reproduces and evolves.
  • A mechanical ear makes its debut.
  • Scientists hope to build an experimental fusion reactor, a miniature star on Earth.
  • Germans fail to find a place for Einstein.
  • Gun-slinging robots gear up for Iraq. Someone please notify Sarah Connor that it has begun.
  • Airless tires? Consider the Tweel.
  • Shoes that vibrate to signal a rise or fall in share price have been created by Australian scientists.
  • When the world understands the concept of vortex mechanics, the doorways to free thinking and free energy will be unlocked.
  • Three leading French physicists claim to have made a sensational breakthrough into the mysteries of how UFOs are powered.
  • Clouds of dark matter may float through Earth.
  • Scientists are scanning the new data from Titan in search for its source of methane gas.
  • A universal translator might be needed to understand ET.
  • Giant sunspot named NOAA 720 bathed the moon with nearly light speed solar protons in a days-long proton storm.
  • Wanted: Fake Moon Dirt.
  • Europe’s SMART-1 lunar mission has beamed back its first close-up pictures of the Moon. Why is this news? We’ve been there many times.
  • Pluto’s moon Charon may be the child of a cosmic hit-and-run.
  • NASA observed a moment of silence across the country and in orbit in memory of the 17-astronauts killed in America’s three spacecraft tragedies.

Quote of the Day:

The philosophies of one age have become the absurdities of the next, and the foolishness of yesterday has become the wisdom of tomorrow.

Sir William Osler