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  • Hominid fossils 4.5-million-years-old discovered in Ethiopa.
  • Prehistoric rock carvings have been found near the Scottish border in England.
  • In Iran, 6000-year-old cliff dwellings are being excavated.
  • Fake cats and mummification tools accidentally left inside mummies … I’m glad these guys weren’t building the Giza Pyramids.
  • Archaeologists in New Zealand are going potty over 150-year-old toilets.
  • I bet New Zealand archaeology students would rather be excavating the 3500-year-old Egyptian mummy discovered by a Japanese research team.
  • Some of the earliest settlers of America may have been aussies. Imagine prehistoric versions of Steve Irwin and Dame Edna.
  • Did Global Warming kill almost all life on Earth 250-million-years-ago? I wonder where the dinosaurs got their fossil fuels from …
  • Ducks may have lived alongside dinosaurs. Yes, it’s all clear now, ducks killed off the dinosaurs. For proof of my duck conspiracy, download the March of the Sinister Ducks mp3.
  • Saturn’s moon Titan has liquid methane rain and rivers. NASA begins designing high-tech umbrellas for future manned-missions.
  • Despite achieving more than expected, the Hubble telescope may soon come crashing down to Earth.
  • China’s second manned spacecraft will launch in September, and there are plans for a Space City.
  • An Asian songbird challenges the prevailing view that evolution only occurs in geographical isolation.
  • Norway plans to cull 25% of its wolf population (which numbers between 50-80), just to protect domestic livestock. This is a good reason to be a vegetarian.
  • Two groups of early humans fought for dominance of Ancient Britain … and the axe-wielders won.
  • Huge balls of fire are being witnessed in the skies of India. They should stop serving curry on international flights.
  • England’s Ministry of Defence will be releasing thousands of previously classified UFO reports.
  • Unsolved mysteries and UFOs will make for an intriguing museum exhibit in Florida. Florida’s infinite number of retirees get free entry, so long as they form part of the exhibition.
  • Questioning life after death and NDEs, a doctor researches the other side.
  • Confused Norwegians mistake George W. Bush’s hand-gesture as a salute to Satan.
  • An American plans to harpoon the Loch Ness monster. I hope he’s read Moby Dick (Amazon US or UK).
  • A pregnant woman went into labour during a parachute jump. I wonder if the baby was conceived in the Mile High Club.

Quote of the Day:

Shan Tao Yun remembered a lama once suggesting to him that the human soul first became aware of itself in Tibet because the wind never stops pushing against its inhabitants, and it is in pushing back against the world that a soul is defined.

From the novel Water Touching Stone by Eliot Pattison (Amazon US or UK)