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I’ve been thinking about China and Japan this week, for various reasons (the grass is always greener …), so enjoy today’s Sichuan-flavoured news.

  • Two weeks after the Asia quake, the Earth is still vibrating.
  • Pollution is worsening in China’s south seas.
  • Why are icebergs floating off the southern New Zealand coast? Someone should tell these scientists about the earthquake recorded south of Tasmania a few weeks ago.
  • Australian scientist declares GM rice trials are safe.
  • Cloned cows with human genes born in Shandong, China.
  • Curry spice may fight Alzheimer’s.
  • One remote control to rule them all, One remote control to find them, One remote control to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.
  • Japan wants to rule the technological world once again. Domo arigato.
  • The possibility of life on Mars may remain unknown until the next Mars Rover mission in 2010. Come on guys, we’re not getting any younger …
  • Perhaps China will get to Mars before NASA.
  • The Black Hole that cannot stop eating. They should name it Kaonashi, from the anime Spirited Away (Amazon US or UK).
  • Still using the critically vulnerable Internet Explorer? Switch to Mozilla Firefox.
  • Ever wanted a computer wrist-watch like Dick Tracy? Fossil has finally released the first wrist-worn PDA.
  • Despite the stolen Homo Floresiensis fossils unavailability, research will go on.
  • Mystery canine baffles experts. It wouldn’t be the first time.
  • The Aztec crystal skull could be a fake. I love how the professor presumes that the Aztec did not have the wheel, nor access to crystal from Brazil (in fact, it was proven many years ago the Aztec and southern Native Americans traded with people as far as Brazil, trade including Amazonian bird feathers).
  • Amateur palaeontologists discover dinosaur footprints in Maryland. No, they’re fossilised footprints, not recent ones!
  • A Chinese professor has found that pterodactyls are oviparous, ie born from egg cells.
  • SETI predicts we will receive an extraterrestrial transmission within the next twenty years. I can hear the Skeptics now …
  • China and India are both aware of undergound UFO base in the Himalayas. No wonder I’ve got an unexplainable urge to write UFO thrillers in India and China … next I’ll be sculpting mountains out of mashed potato.
  • Russia and Iran join forces to study UFOs. George W. Bush chokes on a pretzel upon hearing the news.
  • Chile’s Santiago University is offering a degree in UFO studies. Do you want fries with that?
  • Meanwhile, the Vatican is offering a degree in Satanism and exorcism. If it gets Death Metal-loving teenagers back into school …
  • One of the Beastie Boys witnessed UFOs. No, that was just me playing frisbee with one of their LPs.
  • Did a UFO guide the three Magi to Jesus Christ’s birthplace?
  • Digital technology is helping to preserve China’s ancient artifacts.
  • A different kind of coffee is served at China’s Sex Cafe, where patrons can access information on sexual issues and health.
  • China will make sex-selective abortions illegal, great news for Chinese girls.
  • Was the curse of Tutankhamen released during the recent CT scans? Yes, the curse is called Zahi Hawass.

Quote of the Day:

I never think of the future – it comes soon enough.

Albert Einstein