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Okay, the holiday is over, we’re all back to work. Now let’s have some fun.

  • There’s a connection between that climate change of 5,200-years ago (TDG News Briefs 06-01-2005), the Mayan inspired 25-ton Aztec calendar, and a 2004 crop circle on Silbury Hill as we cruise toward the 13th Baktun that ends on Dec. 21,2012. Or maybe it’s just coincidence.
  • The tsunami spawns wild conspiracy plots.
  • The tsunami’s salt is a threat to many islands.
  • 1,500 aftershocks were recorded in the 48-hours following the Asian quake and tsunami.
  • The United States is moving on several fronts toward a global tsunami warning system following the Asian catastrophe.
  • King Tut’s mummy is CT-scanned in an attempt to determine the cause of the boy-king’s death. Yes, that’s ZH in the picture.
  • In the beginning . . . Adam walked with dinosaurs.
  • Archaeologists have unlocked the 2000-year-old secrets of an ancient tower described as one of the wonders of European archaeology.
  • New research has shown that the oldest civilization in the Americas was far more complex than previously imagined.
  • Geography expert finds lost Atlantis in Ireland in a new book. Atlantis from a Geographer’s Perspective is available from Amazon US and UK.
  • The race is on to claim the Arctic Circle. Mine. Mine! Mine!!
  • In Afghanistan, roses bloom almost all year. Eat your heart out, Shadow. ;o)
  • Okay, no recess. We’ll all remain at our desks until somebody claims this mysterious 4,000-pound buoy that washed-up on Cocoa Beach.
  • Proof at last in a higher power that demands justice. Bill Gates’ PC crashes during his keynote speech at the International Consumer Electronics Show.
  • Hawaiian temples tell tale of social change.
  • Watch the skies. Diseases are spread by dust clouds.
  • European trading in carbon-emission permits has begun. This reduces CO2 emissions because ……………..
  • Down in the forest, genetically modified arboriculture stirs.
  • A 120-year old giant tortoise has adopted a male baby hippo. Cleo, a lonely female hippo, waits without.
  • Someone is trying to scare people in Fairbanks, Alaska by laying down bogus bear tracks, but he’s not very clever.
  • Review: White Noise is a cheap scare.
  • Scientists have launched a high-altitude, balloon-borne instrument from Antarctica to search for antimatter.
  • What was here before the beginning?
  • Quantum teleportation is useless to teleport humans.
  • Psychic security department protects Russian presidents from external psychological influence. Try aluminum foil hats.
  • United Poultry Concerns president believes that the 9-11 terrorist attack and the Nazi Holocaust could be good things if the victims ate chickens. All right then, you tell me what the article says.
  • India may be the first country to explain to the world about extra-terrestrial and UFO contacts – the secret debate is on.
  • To understand Earth’s magnetic field, Wisconsin scientists are studying a ball of molten metal in a cornfield.
  • Sightings of a Swamp Ape in Florida should be noted with skepticism.
  • The Tsunami of 10,900 BC, an essay by Zecharia Sitchin.
  • SETI Institute: We’re all ears, listening for ET.
  • The largest explosion ever seen in space created giant bubbles. Try to wrap your brain around these numbers.
  • Using gravitational lensing techniques on Hubble Space Telescope data analysts show that dark matter clumps in galaxies. (I’ll bet that if they look close enough they will find that there is a pattern to the clumps.)
  • The next wheels on Mars.

Quote of the Day:

And then, the Earth being small, mankind will migrate into space, and will cross the airless Saharas which separate planet from planet and sun from sun. The Earth will become a Holy Land which will be visited by pilgrims from all the quarters of the Universe. Finally, men will master the forces of Nature; they will become themselves architects of systems, manufacturers of worlds.

Winwood Reade