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A sad note to start today’s news. Join me, as we explore life, death and everything in between.

  • Will Eisner, legendary comic book hero, has passed away to the other side. Neil Gaiman has written some nice things about him here and here. Will Eisner was a true artist and pioneer who made a difference in our world.
  • Egypt’s SCA will attempt to rescue the sun-boats of Giza.
  • Was Oetzi the Iceman murdered? You won’t see this plotline on Law & Order.
  • Catastrophic flooding of a lake 13’400-years-ago may have influenced a cold time in history.
  • What caused the cataclysm 250-million-years-ago that almost wiped out all life on Earth? If you know, please tell the warring scientists.
  • If Egypt’s Cleopatra were alive today, perhaps she could tell us. The tabloids would only ask her about Antony.
  • Old news, but interesting: the mysterious chirping of a Mayan pyramid.
  • Everyone knows about the Maya and Aztec, but have you heard of Cahokia?
  • Is the SHGb02+14a Signal from an alien civilisation?
  • Are we alone in the universe? An excellent article exploring this question. Another journalist asks the same thing.
  • What’s new at SETI, despite a new couch and mini-bar?
  • What’s red and mysterious? No, it’s not me after a few beers. It’s our Solar System’s enigmatic planetoid, Sedna.
  • Saturn’s moon Iapetus is also very strange.
  • Exploring higher states of consciousness. I’ve been experiencing lower states of consciousness lately.
  • EVP – Electronic Voice Phenomena – can appear on tape recordings, broadcasts, answering machines, and if you play Tool records backwards.
  • A baby-boom of twins is happening in the Russian town of Kirov. The USA already has the naming rights to Twin Cities, and luckily for the future of mankind the Kirov twins don’t all have blue eyes and pale hair.
  • Stem cells taken from monkey embryos show potential in reversing some effects of Parkinson’s disease.
  • When confronted with unpleasant words concerning body image, men and women react differently.
  • The giant eagles (Rocs) of Tolkien’s Middle Earth may have existed in New Zealand. Hobbits in Indonesia, giant eagles in NZ … has anyone found any cave trolls?
  • Is the Holy Grail in Hertfordshire, and are the locals using it as a pint glass?

Quote of the Day:

I am not young enough to know everything.

Oscar Wilde