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On this night so cold and dreary, the news near-done, my tired eyes bleary,
From seeking lore and science behind the cyber-veil.
Startled now, and nearly falling, in my mind some thing is calling,
Within my brain some ghoul is crawling, demanding now with piercing wail,
” ‘Tis just Greg’s demon,” I muttered, “calling for The Daily Grail.
More time,” I begged, to no avail.

—with apologies to E. A. Poe

  • It may be freezing cold and covered in ice now but 70-million years ago the Arctic Ocean was as tepid as the Mediterranean.
  • Catastrophic flooding from an ancient lake may have triggered a cold period.
  • Here’s one less thing for you to worry about. A French Egyptologist claims that he has conclusive evidence of the builder of the Sphinx.
  • China leads Europe by more than 2,000-years in pig iron casting.
  • How did they know how to fire ceramics 7,000-years ago? Researchers seek to unlock the mysteries of ancient potters.
  • Grave robbers ransack Holy Land history. Haven’t they always done so?
  • Here’s a quick study on the (The Da Vinci) Code vs. Fact. If you know the one of the hundred or so people in the world that haven’t read it yet, it’s available from Amazon US and Amazon UK for Xmas delivery.
  • When Jesus walked in Japan.
  • The shroud’s second image – a growing body of evidence is calling for reassessment of the Turin shroud.
  • Americans have been eating food with a GM content for more than seven years without harm and even, significantly, without a single lawsuit alleging harm. Nobody grew horns either.
  • Cuban President Fidel Castro’s granddaughter has become an U.S. citizen.
  • The United States has eased sanctions against Cuba, Iran and Sudan to facilitate literary and scientific exchanges.
  • A Texas professor searches for the human soul.
  • The rest of you relax, this one is for Shadows and me. If you’ve got roses, you need ladybugs. Probably not in Australia though.
  • The recent extraordinary behavior of one of the world’s most notorious volcanoes, Mount St Helens in the US, may mean it is preparing for a dramatic eruption. Or it may just like to worry people.
  • Scientist to study Hobbit morphing.
  • Life expectancy at birth could reach 100-years over the next two generations. It could be much longer if you listen to the Prophet of Immortality.
  • Life is fragile. A research team discovers the first evidence of life in a rock glacier.
  • Alcohol vulnerability is linked to action of insulin.
  • Vitamin E in plant seeds could halt prostate and lung cancer, but pills don’t work.
  • Got herbs? Herbal remedies found to contain toxic heavy metals.
  • The French government has banned broadcasts by a satellite TV channel run by the militant Hizbullah organization on the grounds of anti-Semitism.
  • Ancient and modern tattoos celebrated in photography book. (photo gallery)
  • Demystifying the quantum properties of exotic materials.
  • If you look into the eyes of someone who is frightened, your brain will pick up on the fear in a split second. This needed a study? Did they think those people playing Texas Hold ‘Em on TV were wearing sunglasses because the sun was out?
  • A bipedal robot learns to run (with video). Okay then, how about a fish-shaped robot for underwater research? Last chance – how about a smart scarecrow?
  • T-ray vision sees through clothes. I want one.
  • The Google Internet Library is called a revolution. Oh no, then everyone could read the books.
  • Mathematicians have made a crochet model of chaos. Mathematicians have never been known for cleverness that the rest of us understand.
  • Stand-by for the Top [insert number here] lists: The Top Ten Space Urban Legends, the Top Five Space-Related Costumes for Adults, the Top Ten Science Discoveries of 2004, the Top Cryptozoology Stories of 2004, and the Top 50 Cryptids From Around The World (no, you don’t, but you will know what a cryptid is).
  • The Megatsunami: A possible modern threat.
  • 2004 is among the hottest years on record. Modern record, anyway.
  • Michael Crichton (Jurassic Park) takes on Global Warming in latest work. State Of Fear is available at Amazon US and Amazon UK.
  • An Australian report damns Kyoto.
  • Global Warming melts dreams of a White Christmas. Forgive me – but i love this stuff. ;o)
  • Now that we have Global Warming, bundle up because it’s going to get colder.
  • The daring visionaries of crackpot aviation.
  • Need energy? Plant will make clean power from turkey droppings.
  • NASA eyes the ice changes around Earth’s frozen caps.
  • UFO over Sunraysia? Alien boom spawns theories. The UFO cited in northwest China still baffling.
  • ‘Ultrasound’ may explain a solar weather mystery.
  • Holiday Sky Show: Five planets to shine in predawn.
  • Russian scientists are selecting volunteers to be locked in a capsule for 500-days to test plans for a trip to Mars.
  • A Cassini scientist sees evidence that Saturn’s outer rings could be disappearing.
  • Russia intends to send a neutron gun to Mars aboard a US space mission scheduled to be launched in 2009.
  • Reaching Toward Neptune: Two ways to explore an ice giant.
  • A US firm is proposing to use guided missile technology to make a precision, automated landing on the Moon.
  • Where did life come from? Look at algae, beetles, sponges, jellyfish, snakes, condors, and giant sequoias. If you didn’t know better, you would be hard-pressed to believe that they all came from the same universe, much less the same planet.
  • The outer reaches of our solar system may have been shaped long ago by a close encounter with another star that tore up both nascent planetary systems like colliding buzz saws.

Quote of the Day:

Hey Santa, how much for your list of naughty girls?

Greg Miller