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I think my body clock needs a back light to tell the time.

  • Biology, culture, and persistent literary dystopias.
  • Professor stuns world by making the hobbit invisible.
  • Artificial gravity: new spin on old idea.
  • Obey your body clock.
  • Human enhancement on the agenda.
  • Baby galaxy uncovered in a grown-up universe.
  • Lassie, get the Oncologist.
  • New economical solution to the world’s power needs.
  • Brief analysis of Patriot Act 2. This time it’s personal.
  • Stonehenge: carpenter comes up with new theory of construction.
  • Second salt man discovered in Iran.
  • The E.T. equation recalculated.
  • Some conspiracy theorists elect to ignore the truth.
  • Mystery of mass whale beachings in Tasmania.
  • Physicists tackle linguistics.
  • Earth itself produced largest mass extinction.
  • Stress can really age you.
  • Dispute over oldest tooth.
  • Ancestor’s DNA code reconstructed.
  • What will happen to the Amazon if global warming gathers pace?
  • Arctic trip upsets old idea of starved seabed.
  • Iris Murdoch’s last book reveals early Alzheimer’s.
  • Pioneer space probes unexpectedly slow down in deep space.
  • Pre-911 image of the WTC being targetted.
  • The case of the pilfered planet.
  • Major satellite in mystery shutdown. Explains why I keep getting mail returned undelivered.
  • Who was the Egyptian pharaoh mentioned in Exodus? Might there have been more than one pharaoh?
  • Lying makes the brain work harder.

Quote of the Day:

You miss 100 percent of the shots you never take.

Wayne Gretzky