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Today is Monday. I think.

  • 12-year-old prodigy compared to Mozart. Makes me feel good being a 31-year-old who can barely play a few chords on a guitar.
  • Another prodigy, 14-years-old, is a genius, but doesn’t know his own family roots.
  • Homo Floresiensis may be a pile of bones, but do little hairy people still exist? This doctor thinks so. Sorry, you have to register to read the article, but it’s worth it.
  • Does the Himalayan Yeti exist, or is it a large bear?
  • A new species of shark. Yet another reason not to swim at Australian beaches.
  • Prairie dogs have a sophisticated language. Experiment idea: allow the prairie dogs to raise a human child.
  • Strange lights hover over Darwin, Australia. “I can’t believe there are UFOs … out there”, says Ms Lynn,a self-described sceptic.
  • What was the mystery light witnessed by Detective Sgt Toby Meloro ten years ago? He should have been out arresting sceptics.
  • A letter-to-the-editor from George Fawcett, founder of MUFON-NC, detailing UFO encounters.
  • James Brazil, an alien abductee from the UK, has set up FRETSHAW: Foundation for the Research of Extraordinary Trauma and Support for Abductees and Witnesses. Take a deep breath and repeat it three times.
  • Seth Shostak asks what would you say to an extraterrestrial?
  • A new theory attempts to unravel the enigma of Stonehenge.
  • A new species of dinosaur has been discovered in Brazil. No, the dinosaur is not an old man in tight bathers sexually harrassing women on beaches.
  • Selling Grandpa’s ghost on eBay. That gives me a children’s book idea … hey, I thought of it first.
  • What causes Naga fireballs along the Mekong River, Thailand?
  • Scientist David Hamilton posits the theory that mind over matter can change your DNA. His book, It’s the Thought that Counts, will be published next year.
  • Is the 75-year-old body of a Buddhist lama imperishable? Reminds me how the Chinese preserve the body of Chairman Mao, by pumping him full of cigarette smoke.
  • An excellent article on the links between Aryan mysticism and Judaeo-Christianity.
  • An excellent interview with Michael Cremo.
  • Excercise may not be beneficial to some people. For some reason, I always work up a sweat compiling TDG news.
  • Scientists can make human eggs behave as if fertilised: without any sperm. Every sperm is sacred, every sperm is great. If a sperm is wasted, God gets quite irate.
  • What’s decreasing our desire for space exploration? Public apathy and a lack of imagination, I’d say. Specifically, it’s considered immature for adults to dream and imagine these days, and this is holding us back. Step up onto the soapbox and post your thoughts.
  • Is water an essential ingredient for life?
  • The Huygen’s Probe is clear to plunge into Titan’s atmosphere. Thunderbirds are go!
  • The discrepancies between satellite and surface temperature readings, and what this means for Global Warming.
  • New visions for nanotechnology, at the atomic level. Come on Drexler, turn an ant into a superhero!
  • Can science make Tolkien’s The One Ring? More to the point, do we really want to? I wantssssss it, my precioussssss.

Thanks Kat. Again.

Quote of the Day:

I disagree with Tipler’s idea that intelligence comes only after billions of years. It’s there in the beginning. It has always been there.

Michael Cremo