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The statistically-based art forgery software was founded on data authenticated by other means… Lies, damned lies, and statistics, as the saying goes.

  • Britain’s 911 foiled by security forces.
  • Experts debunk JFK conspiracy theory.
  • Current restrictions on Marijuana research are absurd.
  • Scientists hope to unravel Moon mystery.
  • Residents shaken by mysterious booms.
  • Prehistoric site found in underwater cave.
  • Self-repairing teeth on the way.
  • Scientists discover that air is heavier than previously thought. A measurement inaccuracy or has it become more dense?
  • Pain linked to permanent brain loss.
  • Thousands of new species discovered in the ocean.
  • Mycenaean tomb unearthed.
  • Dinosaur bones on the Isle of Wight rewrite evolutionary history.
  • A possible ancient origin for tuberculoses in Casablanca. Here’s coughing at you kid.
  • Atlantis has been found again and again.
  • Tomb may shed light on the 10th Plague.
  • Scientists debate blending species. Ancient examples: cats, dogs, humans?
  • Ukraine in turmoil after claims of election fix.
  • Yushchenko poisoned by dioxin?
  • Life on Planet Charles. Does he believe he was born to be King by social convention or by genetic pre-determination, or both?
  • A compendium of evidence for Psi.
  • Should a charge of plagiarism ruin your life?
  • Von Braun: ultimate rocket builder.
  • Defending repression.
  • Flying triangles.
  • Artful software spots faked masterpieces.
  • Strange illnesses blamed on police radio system.
  • Not so fast, Chicken Little.
  • So what if Iran gets nukes.
  • Moon/Mars initiative harms science.

Quote of the Day:

Learning without liberty is always in vain.