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In the dead of the night we’ve silently slipped through the gossamer strands of the Internet, gleaning interesting information. We leave the mundane for those having more mainstream interests ………………

  • Rather than a single meteorite impact 65-million years ago, could Earth have been hit with a scattershot of several rocks from space?
  • Dinosaurs’ ‘bulletproof’ armor is revealed.
  • The genome of an ancient fish could reveal evolutionary mysteries.
  • A nearly 13 million-year-old ape discovered in Spain is the last probable common ancestor to all living humans and great apes.
  • There’s a new storm in the ranks of anthropologists, some saying humans were born to run.
  • Archaeologists are storming over the validity of dating of the 50,000-year old human habitation in South Carolina. Could humans really have been in North America 50,000-years ago?
  • Now that an evolutionary biologist has traced the origins of all Indo-European languages back 9,000-years to Anatolia, he has turned his attention to the language families of Mesoamerica.
  • The Man in Moon may be Mayan.
  • 3,000-year-old embryo-like skeletons have been found in Bulgaria.
  • The term ‘Celtic’ is banded about as never before, this version of the ancient culture has little to do with the austere people whose history and spirituality has been re-interpreted to suit our century.
  • Orgasms play tricks on your mind-brain.
  • A comet or asteroid smashed into modern-day Germany some 2,200-years ago, unleashing energy equivalent to thousands of atomic bombs.
  • Here’s more on the Russian Stonehenge.
  • How animal rights took on the world.
  • Records from hundreds of years of wine harvests show unusually hot summers were common well before the industrial age.
  • The Nazis’ occupation of Greece resulted in death, devastation, and the theft and destruction of countless cultural relics of the classical past.
  • A new database documents Iraqi historical sites.
  • The origin of modern-day Thanksgiving isn’t just Pilgrims and Indians.
  • Does GM food hold the key to solving problems of global starvation?
  • Position Available: Indestructible Bugs To Eat Nuclear Waste.
  • Down, down, deeper and down: a few thoughts on deep-sea exploration.
  • In a desert so dry, parts of it only receive one rainfall every decade or so, and NASA uses it as a model for the search for life on Mars, life is discovered. New life forms were found in NZ deep sea volcanoes.
  • New results From Anti-Neutrino studies reveal different neutrino ‘flavors’.
  • Da Vinci Code Decoded, The Holy Grail, Parts One and Two.
  • Students from the University of Kiel have claimed in their own X-file that the German city of Bielefeld doesn’t actually exist.
  • A skeptic explains the Virgin Mary-grilled cheese miracle. Here’s the story in case you missed it.
  • Is Chester England’s most haunted city?
  • The Blues Brothers star Dan Aykroyd has been appointed a Hollywood consultant for an Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) network.
  • Russian scientists create a perpetual space motion machine. Well, almost anyway.
  • Fundamentalist Hindu organizations believe the waste from sacred cows can block nuclear radiation and cure cancer, but Indian physicists are not quite convinced. The cows were unavailable for comment.
  • Separating the fact and the fiction of the Tunguska event. I still vote for Tesla.
  • Retro UFOs: The ‘UFO’ Airships of 1896 – 1897.
  • How many Lee Harvey Oswalds were there?
  • Is the latest Atlantis discovery just a volcano?
  • A Swedish monster hunter believes he may have caught Norway’s legendary serpent in Lake Seljord on film.
  • China plans to have over 100 Eyes in the Sky by 2020.
  • The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle. Part 2 of a 4-part series on the phenomena of Quantum Astronomy. Shadows and I are trying to understand it.
  • Astrophysicists attempt to answer the mystery of entropy.
  • How did the first stars form?
  • A star that exploded nearly three-million years ago left traces of debris on Earth and might have affected the course of human evolution.
  • China and 15 other countries joined NASA officials this week to consider how they might cooperate with U.S. plans for human exploration of the moon and Mars. It’s easy – bring money.
  • Swedish poets have broadcast their work into outer space by radio to give alien life forms — if they exist — a taste of earthling literature.
  • Space Elevator? Build it on the Moon first.
  • There are hints of unseen moons in Saturn’s rings.
  • Mars gullies were likely formed by underground aquifers.
  • This could come-in handy. How to Survive the End of the Universe (In 7 Steps).
  • TDG Friday Special – Noteworthy Absurdities from Around the World.

Thanks X_O, Kat, and Rick

Quote of the Day:

I want to know God’s thoughts. The rest are details.

Albert Einstein