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Congratulations to beavers for recognizing the value of money.

  • Experts knock hobbit species claim.
  • Proof of Rathlin’s ancient heritage.
  • Acropolis of Atlantis supposedly found in the Mediterranean. German physicist disputes the claim.
  • Tiwanaku: glimpses of a lost empire.
  • Ancient Iranian site shows Mesopotamian civilisation.
  • Acupuncture master shares his secrets.
  • They might be giants or dwarfs.
  • Beavers make dam out of stolen money. They’ll end up sleeping with the fishes.
  • Peru seizes cocaine haul in giant squid. He’ll get 30 years for that.
  • Massive raygun fires up in megawatt laser test.
  • Dark side of the shortwave band.
  • God gene discovered by scientist behind gay DNA theory. So, if you got both you become a Priest.
  • If drink of disease destroy your liver then grow a new one.
  • Hints of unseen moons in Saturn’s rings.
  • On the origins of the mind.
  • Dinosaurs bullet proof armour revealed.
  • The chemistry of social interaction.
  • Strong evidence found for new state of superconductivity.
  • Alan Boyle: politics of the final frontier.
  • World’s strongest acid created.
  • The rise and fall of the Mayan empire.
  • Tibet rifts curve away.
  • Was Einstein a plagiarist?

Quote of the Day:

You can fool too many of the people too much of the time.

James Thurber