News Briefs 10-11-2004

An assortment of hidden terrors for you today. Post your thoughts.

  • Death by medicine. You’ll need Adobe Acrobat Reader.
  • What if the Floresians are descended from modern humans, not from Homo erectus? For a similar notion regarding other human relatives, go here.
  • Lung cancer gene fault identified.
  • Mystery bone find keeps the saga of human origins alive.
  • NASA scans savant’s brain.
  • Neocon against Neocon: A ‘Fuku’ moment.
  • Flying taxi vision for commuters. It’ll make “Follow that cab” and “Lose the tail” more interesting.
  • Company touts weird soda flavours. Weird? More likely criminal.
  • Government obstructs science access.
  • Are we intolerant or is it all in the mind? Or is free speech so curtailed that prejudice has gone cellular? “See them peanuts…”
  • How do IVF babies turn out? Fertility specialists confront disturbing evidence.
  • Voting machines test for tamperability not done. MSNBC reports voting problems.
  • Synthetic human blood near a breakthrough thanks to crocodile haemoglobin?
  • Mothers’ genetic skew linked to gay sons.
  • Honeybees defy dino-killing nuclear winter. Well, all sorts of interesting questions spring to mind.
  • Robot set to creep into Cheops Pyramid.
  • Life or death question: how supernovas happen.
  • Ideas stolen right from nature.
  • Life begins in space.
  • Teleportation physics study. You’ll need Adobe Acrobat Reader.
  • Kicking the hobbit habit.
  • The missing science of ball lightning. You’ll need Adobe Acrobat Reader.
  • Cassini discovers music of the rings.
  • Mummies’ tar provides a link to ancient trade routes.
  • Berlusconi to legalise private ownership of archaeological treasures. Considering a lot of treasures sit in Museum basements, it might not be a bad thing.
  • Evidence mounts that American vote was hacked. Bush’s incredible vote tallies. What happens if the mistakes mean Kerry would have won? Absolutely nothing – the candidates were the same anyway.

Quote of the Day:

‘Tis an ill wind that blows no minds.

Malaclypse the Younger

    1. No credible third party
      Ask Bill if there was a difference. Me thinks the election was stolen thru electronic voting machines. Why else the huge difference in exit polls. This election is still hurting folks. Dream peace.Dennis

        1. Staff Members
          Just because I post an article does not mean I endorse it. So, if by staff members you mean me, then firstly take note – I am a libertarian which means getting big government out of the lives of individuals that don’t want government in their lives, and it generally means low taxes – hardly a leftist policy (if by leftist you mean socialist). Leftist to me means either democrat or republican, and supporters of either are into some form of socialism whether they recognize that fact or not. The growth of government has been undertaken by both parties, and the same thing has happened in the UK under both Tory and Labour parties. If you are a republican, which it sounds like you might be, then perhaps you should investigate the difference between what republican presidents say and what they actually do. If you are a supporter of the Tories then the same thing applies. Try supporting libertarian parties for a change, if it doesn’t work out then you can always go back to supporting socialism openly or covertly. OK, so next time there’s an election you can give liberty a go.


    2. Nader
      Know of him. Don’t listen to him. Happens to be my opinion – based on history – both democrats and republicans increase the burden of taxation.

      Didn’t vote for either as I am not entitled to.

    3. The Difference between Bush and Kerry
      Bush comes from Texas
      Kerry comes from New England
      Bush wants to cut taxes, spend Billions
      Kerry wants to cut taxes, spend Billions
      Bush wants to defend America
      Kerry wants to defend America
      Bush had a dubious record during Viet Nam
      Kerry had a dubious record during Viet Nam
      Bush comes from a rich, influential family
      Kerry comes from a rich, influential family

      Oh, I see, they’re nothing alike at all!

      1. Remember this
        Hi anonymous person,
        All that stuff is really moot.
        Here is something worth remembering…………

        Martin Niemoeller was a Lutheran Pastor who lived from 1892 to 1984.
        He was jailed by Hitler several times in the mid-thirties, and spent 8 years in Sachenhausen and Dachau.
        From 1961 to 1968 he was the President of the World Council of Churches.

        This is what he always used to say at the end of his speeches…..

        In Germany, the Nazis came for the Communists and I didn’t speak up because I was not a Communist.
        Then they came for the Jews and I didn’t speak up because I was not a Jew.
        Then they came for the Trade Unionists and I didn’t speak up because I was not a Trade Unionist.
        Then they came for the Catholics and I didn’t speak up because I was a Protestant.
        Then they came for me…..and by that time there was no one left to speak for me.

        The way I see it is, today the Muslims…..tomorrow…..?????


        1. Imagine this
          Islam needs to take responsibility for its actions too, Shadows. Muslim leaders are just as guilty as Bush for plunging the world into a state of fear (but then, when hasn’t the world been in such a state, with wars here and violence there?). There’s no point in fosussing entirely on the American Government — because you’ll miss the dozens of others, including Islam, who want the world to conform to their narrow-minded world-views and ideologies. It’s no secret Islam wants Southeast Asia to be the world’s largest Islamic state — look at the violence in Aceh, Indonesia (thousands of Christians have been murdered and forced to flee their homes in recent years), and the fight over East Timor (a Catholic nation). Not much difference from what Bush is doing in Iraq, is it? Yet I hear no one condemn Islam’s extreme foolishness — it seems this is because to condemn Islam for its violent and inexcusable actions is to be seen by the left as a friend of Bush. This is just as ridiculous as saying that because you are against Bush’s policies, then you’re a Leftist. I’m so sick and tired of this Left vs Right mentality of the world. Reality is everything in between. Bush is wrong, Islam is wrong, why can’t we all admit that and move on?

          Do you want someone to blame? Throw a rock in the air, you’ll hit someone guilty.

          1. a little bit of focus
            Hi Rico,
            I am not talking about places all over the world where there is trouble as a whole.I am talking specifically about what the election in America meant to Iraq4 years ago, and what it will continue to mean in the future.
            I appreciate that you are trying to keep the peace by seeing both sides of the picture.
            Believe me, I am trying to keep the peace too.

            A pre-emptive war has been carried out by a super power for no reason that I can see.With that sort of bizarre,arrogant behaviour, don’t you think the rest of the world needs to worry?
            I do not belong to a political party, never have, don’t believe in them.I am a peace and aboriginal activist and environmentalist, and where I see that there is a need to speak out or demonstrate I do so.
            If people’s feelings are hurt I am sorry, but I am non-violent, a pacifist, and will not fight with people.I only state my case as I know it to be true.

            I think sometimes that you lean heavily towards keeping everyone happy whoever they are and whatever they think.
            That way leads to madness.

            I don’t think any less of people who don’t think the way I do, and I have close friends, a couple, whose views are totally opposed to mine.We discuss our differences loudly and forthrightly and then move on to something else.

            For the innocent people in Iraq, I want it known that I totally believe that they are the victims of an illegal and unwarranted act.

            TDG gives me the opportunity to say what I think, and I am doing that without name-calling,abuse or bigotry.


          2. I totally agree, Shadows.

            I totally agree, Shadows.

            Y’know, one thing many people didn’t consider when voting for Kerry or Bush are the people they chose for their prospective administrations. Wolfowitz is the man in Washington who is causing so much trouble, whispering in Bush’s ear the glories of preemptive strikes. Kerry may not be much better than Bush in the eyes of Nader voters, but at least a victory to him would have meant no more Wolfowitz.

            Oh well, it’s all over and done with now.

            I think sometimes that you lean heavily towards keeping everyone happy whoever they are and whatever they think. That way leads to madness.

            Oh yes. I’m quite mad! It’s why I volunteered to do news for TDG! Mwahahahahahahahaha!


          3. You’re not mad
            No Rico,
            You’re not mad mate, you’re a true pacifist.I have a son like you, and he tries so hard to keep the peace with everyone, and the one who suffers all the time is him.
            I have never heard him say a bad word about anyone, even the people who cheat him in business…..well, he says, they obviously need the money more than I do……
            Half the time I am in awe of him and his goodness, and the other half the time I could kill him for being so soft.
            And then I think that I would rather have him this way than being cruel and argumentative and uncaring.
            I remember when he was about 3 years old and the little girl across the road, the same age, came to play.She bit him on the shoulder, and he walked right around the house with her with her teeth in him to look for me to ask me to unlatch her from his shoulder. He was bleeding badly.
            Her own mother said to him to bite her back and he was horrified.
            No no no no he said, I don’t bite people.
            You’re just a softie Rico, and you don’t like to hurt people.
            Stay just the way you are.


  1. I’m so sick of politics I cou
    I’m so sick of politics I could puke ball-lightning. 😛

    Speaking of which: I wish there were some researchers at my house last May. I saw a lighting bolt hit a tree in my neighbors front yard. A split second after the strike, a glowing ball danced around on the street for about 15 seconds. It was awesome, and I really think it was ball lightning. I’ve never seen anything like it.

    Few are those who see with their own eyes, and feel with their own hearts. –Albert Einstein

      1. Well it just bounced around v
        Well it just bounced around very erratically. It reminded me of those small fireworks that spin and bounce on the ground.

        It was a bright white light, and when it finally died off, it went dim like a light filament, then just disappeared. There were no scorch marks in the grass or the road.

  2. Thanks, Jameske
    Hi Jameske, and thanks indeed for the link on the “neocon” split. Fukuyama is of course correct in saying that a conservative ideology has no business propounding such a far-fetched social engineering as attempting to force democracy on the Middle East. I do not believe for a moment that those doing so truly believe they are doing any more than promoting the Project for the New American Century. I, as you have been, will no doubt be branded a “leftie again” for this. I find it amusing, being an anarchist who was brought up in Scotland, dominated politically by the democratic socialist party of which Tony Blair is leader, and I cant stand him. Likewise, I am often accused of being anti-Christian. This is not true. I support Christians who speak sense and speak out against fundementalist hate-mongers of all stripes.

    I regard it a mark of the civilised person to be able to talk about politics or religion freely, openly, and without resorting to kindergarten name-calling. If one cannot control oneself to that basic level, why bother? Well done again, Jameske.

    Regards, C

  3. What is it Neocons are ‘conserving’?
    The occupation of Iraq isn’t the U.S.’s only, or biggest, problem. Looks like the NeoCons and PaleoCons will soon be arguing over economics too.

    In Oct., Joseph Stiglitz, Nobel Prize winning economist, took Bush to task on his failed economic polices. Another 170 U.S. economists recently made the same point in an Open Letter to President, calling for a drastic turn-around in his fiscal policies to avoid economic disaster.

    The government isn’t the only one spending in the red. Take a look on this page at the chart titled ‘Household Surplus or Deficit % of Disposable Personal Income’ (from 1946 through 2004).

    The recent refinancing boom is increasing defaults. Denver, CO just declared their “Foreclosure rate scary”.

    Briefly and grimly, this explains the Collateral Damage From A U.S. Housing Bust as interest rates rise.

    Companies saddled with debt and pension obligations are increasingly using bankruptcy to walk away from their promises.

    We’re in for some grim economic times ahead.

    1. Time to throw tea in the harbor again?
      The Washinton Times reports that in states where Bush didn’t get a majority, people are fed up with taxation without representation, and are talking secession:

      “The segment of the country that pays for the federal government is now being governed by the people who don’t pay for the federal government.”

      Some would say, ‘Oh, poor Alabama. It’s cut off from the wealth infusion that it gets from New York and California,’ ” said Lawrence O’Donnell, a veteran Democratic insider and now senior political analyst at MSNBC. “But the more this political condition goes on at the presidential level of the red and blue states, the more you’re testing the inclination of the blue states to say, ‘So what?’ ”

      Mr. O’Donnell raised the subject of secession on “The McLaughlin Group” during the weekend. “Ninety percent of the red states are welfare-client states of the federal government,” said Mr. O’Donnell.

      O’Donnell said the red states that went to Mr. Bush “collect more from the federal government than they send in. New York and California, Connecticut — the states that are blue are all the states that are paying for the bulk of everything this government does, from … Social Security to everything else, and the people in those states don’t like what this government is doing.”

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