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Just in case some might not have understood Cernig yesterday, Happy Halloween. Election day in the USA is Tuesday. Eclectic mix in today’s news;Halloween section at the end. Comments welcome.

  • On the Day from Hell, one minute you’re a big T-Rex, the next minute you’re toast .
  • The discovery of seven tiny hominoids is so big, we’re linking an in-depth article from Archaeology.
  • Still hoping to get the globe-trotting, Nazi-battling archaeologist out of mothballs sometime before Harrison Ford is too old to crack his whip, a new screenwriter has been hired to come up with a story for Indiana Jones 4.
  • Meanwhile, long-lost, final Ed Wood film is found. If you don’t know who Ed Wood is, just forget it. It’s an acquired taste.
  • Fire-up those metal detectors. Britain’s amateur archaeologists have unearthed 50,000 treasures.
  • Give Machu Picchu a rest. The ancient city of Kuelap emerges from the clouds.
  • Iranian archeologists and surveyors plan to draw up an archeological map of Jiroft, home to a 5,000-year old civilization. Better maps than nuclear weapons programs.
  • Fool’s gold delivers perfect fossils.
  • What causes fear in you? Students fear clowns and goatsuckers.
  • Sunspots are more active than they’ve for 8000-years, but that doesn’t explain global warming. Go figure.
  • The future of alternative energy. Shove some tax credit my direction and I’ll put a solar roof on the house.
  • Compulsory identity cards that can be used as a travel document in Europe are to be introduced within four years. Papers, please, papers. Go ahead, get the chip.
  • Drug may block Alzheimer’s.
  • Drinking red wine could protect against lung cancer but white wine may increase the risk.
  • Russian scientists have invented a unique anti-aging solution.
  • Physicists say the Big Bang was nothing special.
  • The problem with gravity.
  • Fingerprint evidence not good science.
  • A Russian expert says the flu epidemic may kill over one-billion this year.
  • Darwin’s skeptics have pointed out that something as complex as the eye is difficult to explain by evolutionary theory. So here’s the explanation.
  • Speaking of evolution, there were myriad forks in the evolutionary road, several leading to intelligence.
  • Scientists discover the ‘mystery products’ used to preserve mummies.
  • Scientists are trying to learn what makes a Republican’s mind different from a Democrat’s using brain scan technology.
  • The mystery of the alien skull continues.
  • Filers Files: The Ohio UFO Flap.
  • Was HP Lovecraft a believer in the paranormal? Ask the Black Goat of the Woods, Shub-Niggurath, and Cthulhu.
  • Zecharia Sitchin asks, ‘Should I be pleased that a respected astronomer at a leading French observatory adopted my conclusions regarding Nibiru and the Sumerian cosmogony –- or should I be upset that my life’s work was “appropriated” without any acknowledgement and credit to me?’
  • Astronomers chart the asteroid threat.
  • A stellar survivor from 1572 A.D. explosion supports the supernova theory.
  • Saturn’s moon Titan mystifies scientists. Those same hydrocarbons is what began life on this planet.
  • Halloween stuff to follow: Haunted Places in Texas. Paranormal research shares haunting tales. Tales spooky and otherwise. Halloween bedevils some U.S. churches. In Mexico, the Day of the Dead is a festive occasion. Halloween masks will scare you out of your senses. An finally, Fancy Halloween costumes for pooches can cost hundreds. I’ll bet they can.

Quote of the Day:

Men say that in this midnight hour,
The disembodied have power
To wander as it liketh them,
By wizard oak and fairy stream.

William Motherwell