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So was the brain in the dish petrified or not?

  • Brain in a dish acts as autopilot.
  • The platypus is weirder than previously thought.
  • Man writes with both hands in two languages.
  • Puzzling Milky Way companion found.
  • Nanotech founder Eric Drexler has become a scientific outcast.
  • Iraqi fire pollution rivalled volcano.
  • Knowledge discovery could speed up creation of new products.
  • A buzz out of booze.
  • Quantum quirk may give objects mass.
  • Reworking intuition.
  • Death and synchronicity.
  • Honored by bad astronomy.
  • The hunt for cosmic blasts’ secret.
  • Z machine refurbishment to advance fusion capabilities.
  • Strong tides set of earthquakes.
  • The Campeche, Mexico infrared UFO video.
  • Wanted: Enemy to justify $344 billion war budget.
  • Clues to the puzzle of talking root cells.
  • Chile’s magical machi can cure any ailment.
  • Ancient language clings to life at the tip of Britain.
  • Lungs lose power at lunchtime.
  • Real superbugs can save the planet.
  • Scientists warn of ethnic weapons.
  • BBC news boss slams US media bias.
  • Is there a spacewar waiting for US?

Quote of the Day:

Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.

Ralph Waldo Emerson