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News is late today because I’ve been violently sneezing after inhaling too much fossilised crocodile dust. Don’t ask.

  • The Elmendorf Creature is proven to be canine, but its DNA has been subjected to too much stress to determine a specific species. Someone’s been cross-breeding for illegal dog fights, methinks.
  • The Canadian town of Moonbeam embraces its history of UFO sightings by luring the tourist dollar.
  • The Australian town of Wycliffe Well, north of Alice Springs, claims its own status as a UFO hotspot in the name of the almighty tourist dollar.
  • The story of a UFO close encounter in Mexico.
  • According to a Roper poll, two thirds of Americans believe their Government is withholding information on UFOs.
  • A ghost that can only be seen by women.
  • The German discoverer of Iceman, the bronze-age mummy frozen in a glacier, dies in the Alps where he found it.
  • Scientist says some humans alive today will live to the age of 150. Quality, not quantity, is the key to a life well lived.
  • Chinese archaeologists begin to excavate hundreds of tombs near the Lop Nur desert, north-west China, that may have belonged to a mysterious caucasian civilisation (Urumchi area). I think the arid desert lands of north-west China hide a lot more mysteries yet to be discovered.
  • Believers and skeptics mix at Bigfoot conference in Texas. Mangey zombie-coyotes and Bigfeet: Bill sure lives in an interesting part of the world!
  • Letters and documents 1000-years-old show Egyptians were sophisticated, polite and literate. They should be compulsary reading at SCA meetings.
  • Should modern Egypt and Israel put aside their differences and rediscover their shared past?
  • If you were at Abu Simbel on Friday, you may have witnessed the rising sun’s rays fall perpendicularly on the face of Ramses II.
  • Mexico is struggling to preserve and research ancient sites. Perhaps Wal-mart could sponsor archaeological excavations?
  • Archaeologists are mystified by what they’re finding at the Cahokia Mounds State Historic Site.
  • Here’s a report about the submerged structures off the coast of Cuba, by Manuel Iturralde-Vinent. It will be updated regularly.
  • Believe it or not, 25’000 rate neurons can pilot an F-22 plane.
  • A sign of the times, Halloween is going high-tech.
  • The bizarre biology of Australia’s platypus.
  • The quantum effect of entanglement (which allows two particles to behave as one, even when separated) could reveal where mass comes from. I think it could also reveal what God is.
  • Technology is creating smart fabrics. Personally, I don’t want underwear that’s smarter than me!
  • The film Troy is out on DVD (Amazon US and UK). Apart from the musical score and the actress who played Briseis, this is a great film. What do you think? Log in under a username and post your thoughts.

Quote of the Day:

War is young men dying and old men talking.