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I wonder if Roast Guinea Pig is as tasty as Roast Beef?

  • Forest excuse is pure Roman spin.
  • Tombs offer clues to ancient mystery.
  • Super Guinea Pigs are the last supper in Peru.
  • Coral Castle: the key to creation?
  • Solar minimum is coming sooner than expected.
  • An apple a day keeps cancer away.
  • US Airforce pursuing antimatter weapons.
  • Dawkins has another go at phenotype and this time it is Race.
  • Randomness, risk and financial markets.
  • Is the US playing politics with Pot research.
  • Early solar system was a mess. So no change there then.
  • Ancient fungus revived in the lab. Foot powder at the ready.
  • Unseen comets may raise impact risk for Earth.
  • Toothache made lion eat humans.
  • Shaking up gravity.
  • Giant proximity effect supported by latest superconductor research.
  • If your brain has a buy button then what pushes it? Someone else’s sell button?
  • A new culprit in depression?
  • First skeleton of sleeping giant found.
  • Inventor rejoices as TVs go dark.
  • Artefacts may provide clues to ancient Texas coast dwellers.
  • Medieval houses of God or ancient fortresses? Both? Perhaps the God being worshipped was very unpopular.
  • Fisherman nets 2400 year old bronze statue.
  • Global climate change to kill Earth with ice and deserts.
  • Two spectacular discoveries make the case for birds evolving from dinosaurs even stronger.
  • Girl who wept stones admitted to hospital. Lucky for her they weren’t crocodiles.
  • Synaesthetic woman sees colours around faces and names.
  • Bacteria are genetically modified by lightning.
  • Ancient tree a legacy from prehistoric times.
  • Cave art reveals ancient Chinese science thrived.
  • TV emits distress signal.
  • Scientist is building a planet in his lab.
  • Mining the Moon.
  • The Cold Truth. If it is all true then one wonders if the theories are right.

Quote of the Day:

Some men are born mediocre, some men achieve mediocrity, and some men have mediocrity thrust upon them.

Joseph Heller