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Looks like the New World Order is on the move, and so is Mars. Perhaps they are connected? Post your thoughts.

  • Searching for the Mayan Atlantis.
  • US seizes independent media sites.
  • Germany imposes draconian internet tax on citizens.
  • Asteroid did not wipe out the dinosaurs.
  • World’s biggest meteorite field found in Egypt.
  • Evidence of jungle yeti found.
  • The last supernova: 400 year old explosion imaged.
  • Tea tree oil research finds scabies killer.
  • Giving land to the sea to rescue other shores.
  • Money really doesn’t buy happiness.
  • Investigators unearth clues to convict Saddam.
  • Mitochondria findings may help beat a wide range of diseases.
  • Superfluid hydrogen: a new state of matter?
  • New star cluster may be Milky Way fossil.
  • The caste war, the church of the speaking cross, and the Cruzob Maya.
  • Dolphins, therapy and autism.
  • Drug may keep astronauts’ bones strong.
  • Molecular clock tied to fossil record.
  • Square bacteria grown in the lab.
  • With history like this, who needs fiction?
  • Deconstruction icon Derrida dies.
  • A federal inflation conspiracy?
  • Why do people talk to themselves?
  • Mars could be quaking.
  • Will humans hibernate their way through space?
  • World’s pollution hotspots revealed from space.
  • Scientists find a way to turn off cancer.
  • Disabled groups at the forefront of e-voting campaign.
  • Victimless leather is on the way.
  • Medici family murders debunked in Italy.
  • Europe’s oldest wooden staircase discovered in Austria.
  • Timeline: Anti-Terror Laws.
  • Election conspiracy theories don’t impress sceptics.
  • Space tourism to face the end?

Quote of the Day:

The bigger the lie, the more people will believe it

Adolf Hitler