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There are lots of monkey references in today’s news briefs — apes, gorillas, bigfoots (or bigfeet?). Peel yourself a banana and enjoy …

  • A potentially new species of ape has been discovered in the Congo. This is actually the same news reported several months ago.
  • Chinese film-makers witness three Yeren (the Chinese Yeti/Bigfoot) in Shennongjia Forest. This is frustrating — an entire FILM CREW witnesses three yeti, but NO ONE thinks to use their cameras and film them!
  • This isn’t the first sighting of the elusive Yeren. You can read more about them here.
  • Scientists drill holes at the discovery site of Peking Man, searching for evidence of early humans.
  • Ancient Greeks may have used advanced technology to lower limestone coffins, one weighing 3.3 tonnes.
  • Ancient hill-mound tombs of Macedonia. Egypt, South America, China … and now Greece/Macedonia.
  • Mexican Govt approves the construction of a Wal-Mart at Teotihuacan. I don’t know why people are surprised, there’s been a KFC at Giza, Egypt for years.
  • The long road to restoring Iraq’s National Museum in Baghdad. Perhaps Dubya will approve replacing it with KFC.
  • South Korean troops help restore an ancient castle in Iraq.
  • Can mathematics aid the fight against terrorism? Yes, it’d definitely help if Dubya could count.
  • Denmark is attempting to claim the North Pole, because thinning ice sheets are making oil more accessible. I hope Iorek Byrnison bites their behinds.
  • Russia’s commitment to the Kyoto Protocol may just be the beginning.
  • Coral Reefs could get electro-shock treatment to encourage regrowth. Hundreds of unemployed electric eels apply.
  • Nobel Peace Laureate claims HIV deliberately created. I personally believe it’s possible HIV was created in a lab, but I think it’s highly irresponsible to claim it’s a conspiracy against black people. A lack of education (and in many cases, the wrong education, such as Catholic Missionaries preaching condoms are a sin — this is contributing to unsafe sex and the spread of the HIV virus), poverty, and the disinterest of wealthy nations (not just the West, but the East also), are what’s helping the HIV virus’s murder spree in Africa.
  • Here’s some information on Africa’s AIDS crisis, and this is what Irish rock group U2’s Bono has to say. Am I bugging you? Sorry, I didn’t mean to bug ya.
  • Here’s a great article asking if GM crops will help or hurt us.
  • The Lawton crop circle is not a fake, according to researchers.
  • Why are UFO sightings on the rise in India? Warning: this article has blatant patriotic propaganda! Also, someone needs to tell the reporters about Vimanas
  • An example of a petty, narrow-minded archaeologist.
  • A new age of aviation, as space tourism hots up. I love the Japan Times’ motto: All The News Without Fear or Favor.
  • A NASA employee falsified safety check reports. That’s comforting news to the families of the crew of the Space Shuttle Columbia.
  • You have to be quick (and willing to be in Siberia, China, Japan or Western Alaska) to catch this solar ecplise that will end before it begins.
  • Scientists determine that ghost particles which fill empty space would be sucked into Black Holes, leaving space empty.
  • Water once flowed through the Martian Hills.
  • Maryland towns jealously tell Salem that they had witches too. Salem gets all the attention.
  • Yar me mateys, could this be the remains of Blackbeard’s ship? I’ll draw the map to the treasure on this here cracker and give it to Polly for safe-keeping.

Quote of the Day:

It is a superstition of modern thought that the march of knowledge has always been linear.

Shri Aurobindo Ghosh (1872-1950)