News Briefs 08-10-2004

Baffled archaeologists, peculiar animals, physics, surfing, UFOs, ghosts, Bigfoot- that’s what we’re talking about on The Daily Grail news. What are you talking about?

  • Vulcan may have inspired life. A component of volcanic gas may have played a significant role in the origins of life on Earth.
  • Old bones show giant deer survived the last Ice Age.
  • The remains of an ancient mammal have been unearthed, supposedly those of a newborn mammoth, that baffles archaeologists.
  • The oldest remains of a woman who died in childbirth has been discovered.
  • The answer to your prayers – an interview with the Secretary General of the Supreme Council of Antiquities, the master of ancient Egyptology, the most famous archaeologist that has ever lived, the Egyptian Indiana Jones – Dr. Zahi Hawass.
  • The remains of the palace of Genghis Khan have been unearthed.
  • An elusive giant ape spotted in the remote forests in central Africa may be a new species.
  • In the ‘Things That Shouldn’t Be There’ department, an angler snagged the first jumbo flying squid found in British Columbia.
  • Canadian feds do battle with a flying squirrel named Sabrina.
  • NASA and China ask, ‘Do you want fries with that?’ Quantum Tubers™ are a Space Age answer to growing more and better potatoes worldwide.
  • A gaping hole in the ozone layer over Antarctica appears to have shrunk.
  • Researchers calculate that any move to replace the UK’s gasoline burning cars with hydrogen powered vehicles would require 100 nuke plants or 100,000 wind turbines.
  • Do you remember limbo, that place where the Catholic Church teaches that babies go if they die before being baptized because they do not deserve either heaven or hell? The Pope does.
  • Who says physics is difficult? In a worldwide poll, experts in the subject have named the elementary sum 1+1=2 among the greatest equations of all time. I was always partial to 3+4.
  • UK’s Swansea Institute has been forced to axe the surfing degree program. Bummer, dude.
  • Are they catching up with us. Researchers find that chimps are pretty handy with tools — and switch to new ones as needed.
  • The bee decline may spell the end of some fruits and vegetables.
  • Visitors to Norway will be invited to liven-up their holiday with a spot of seal hunting. Read the article to see what other holidays are offered to people with too much money and too little class.
  • Physicists from the University of Bonn have built quantum data memory.
  • The sharpest observations yet of Robotic fish gather data and collect a prize.
  • Stem cells emit healing molecules.
  • Fantasies are the ultimate cure.
  • Genes of the influenza strain which killed 50-million people have been reconstructed in the lab. Is this a good idea?
  • Mount St. Helens simmers down. Will Mt. St. Helens ash flush out some big news about Bigfoot?
  • If local legend is true, there are almost as many ghosts wandering the streets of the ancient English city of Exeter as there are people.
  • Speaking of ghosts, is this a photograph of one?
  • Like America in the fifties, why is India experiencing thousands of UFOs? Swamp-gas. ;o) Good slideshow.
  • The rovers are probing the water history of Mars on two sites.
  • A new mission from NASA called the Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE) will survey the entire sky in infrared.
  • Humans could be on Mars by 2030.
  • Russia plans to conquer space…again.

Quote of the Day:

Insofar as the laws of mathematics are certain, they do not refer to reality; and insofar as they refer to reality, they are not certain.

Albert Einstein