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I’m listening to the Presidential ‘debate’ as I prepare the news update. I voted not to post the news before I voted to post the news ………

  • The idea that humans and chimpanzees are almost alike genetically as two peas in a pod may be headed for science’s trash bin. Uh-oh.
  • Climate change plus human pressure caused large mammal extinctions in the late Pleistocene.
  • Mummy Lake’s mystery is unraveled – good engineering.
  • Guns and Sumerian art objects are uncovered in Iraq.
  • A Syrian archaeological team has uncovered two firestone axes dating back 35,000 to 40,000-years and some 6000 BC stone arrowheads.
  • How does your light shine, in the halls of Shambala? A Russian expedition establishes the exact location of the ancient mystical country called Shambala.
  • There’s a new crack at riddle of Knossos.
  • Scientists protest a Senate bill that would protect an ancient skeleton known as Kennewick Man. This battle has lasted 8-years now.
  • Witches are so 1600s. Witch City brews a new image.
  • Zieg Heil, puppy. The European Union will require pet passports.
  • The ‘Eye In The Sky’ makes Baltimore residents nervous.
  • It’s a sorry state of affairs for cheating Brits.
  • Invading bullfrogs appear to be nearly unstoppable. Wasn’t there a 1950s sci-fi movie with the frogs?
  • A robot with real mouse whiskers could represent an important step towards robot navigation.
  • Cheers! Older women who have a drink or two a day have better memory skills than non-drinkers.
  • Scientists believe they have pinpointed the origin of a low frequency hum that emanates from the Earth.
  • The artificially accelerated electronic evolution of the human brain, mind and consciousness.
  • A pilot flying a Delta Air Lines jet was injured by a laser that illuminated the cockpit of the aircraft. There’s got to be more to this story.
  • No dude, waves generated by tsunamis are not surfable, but surfing a whale works.
  • Scientists predict eruption within days after Mount St. Helens quakes intensify.
  • Models may underestimate climate swings.
  • ‘Dead zone’ areas, regions of the ocean that suffer from low oxygen and results in huge marine losses, are shrinking or going away.
  • Women have four G-spots – according to a new book.
  • Doctors in Thailand believe a woman died after contracting bird flu from another human.
  • A Nigerian doctor claims to have found a cure for the virus that leads to AIDS.
  • Man dies after his pet hamster bites him.
  • The secret of radiation-proof bugs is proposed.
  • Data trends suggest women will outrun men in 2156.
  • The lost continent of Atlantis will be found in the near future.
  • The recent discovery of polar ice sheets on the moon reminds us that satellite Selene still has her secrets.
  • Mars Express sees chaos in the canyon.
  • Are we the galaxy’s youngest residents?
  • After a trio of explosions scientists say a supernova is imminent.
  • Coming soon: The ‘good’ Jupiters.
  • The Universe is not as violent a place as we thought.

Quote of the Day:

The scientist. He will spend thirty years in building up a mountain range of facts with the intent to prove a certain theory; then he is so happy in his achievement that as a rule he overlooks the main chief fact of all — that his accumulation proves an entirely different thing.

Mark Twain