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I’m aware that this appears as the Return of Rich, but it isn’t. I’ve received a great amount of help with this post. Enjoy, and have a great weekend.

  • 70-million years ago, Lucky took a hit to prove that Tyrannosaurus Rex was a hunter rather than a scavenger.
  • The rapid climate-change theory takes a hit. The last ice age began with gradual cooling rather than a dramatic climate crash.
  • Divers discover what appears to be one of the oldest human skeletons in Mexico.
  • The first Americans may have been Australian aborigines, but artifacts suggest a Chinese influence.
  • Who’s a Celt? Celtic nations like Ireland and Scotland have more in common with the Portuguese and Spanish than with people from ancient Alpine Europe. DNA’s amazing stuff, isn’t it.
  • A WalMart discount store rising a half-mile from the Pyramid of the Sun of Teotihuacan has touched off a fight.
  • Clean air technology has ancient roots.
  • Thales, Anaximander, Leucippus, and more: those great Greek geeks who invented science through observation, experimentation and theory.
  • Irish scientists have isolated a bacterium that can convert a toxic waste product into plastic.
  • Molecular biologists uproot the Tree of Life perspective of ancient ancestry. Native Americans’ and The Lion King’s take on life vindicated – it’s a circle, not a tree.
  • Deputies say a man in Pensacola, Florida, who was trying to shoot seven puppies was shot by one of the dogs. Holster that hardware puppy, we just want to talk.
  • British scientists are developing a smelly robot that will generate its own power by eating flies. SkyNet notified.
  • Plants have become the silent witnesses to crime.
  • Why bloodletting may have actually worked. Bring me a leech.
  • Sandia experiments may reduce the possibility of future water wars.
  • The European Union has approved a genetically-modified seed for planting.
  • Brain scans show hypnosis at work. Now cluck like a chicken.
  • There seems to be a dream-specific region in the brain. Something about this article reminds me of the story of Pandora’s box.
  • Wave at Big Brother. The City of Chicago plans to monitor you with a vast security network.
  • It’s time for Muslims to stand up for the once-noble, nearly lost traditions of their faith and condemn what Arab and Chechen terrorists and blasphemers did in the Russian town of Beslan.
  • Potential employers have gotten much better at mining your past. There are no secrets.
  • 20% of Germans want the Wall back. That means 80% don’t.
  • France, Russia and China supplied Saddam Hussein with missiles, arms, defense technology and spare parts before — and after — the start of the Iraq war, an explosive new book claims. Amazon US and UK.
  • A paranormal researcher says people should expect more terrorist attacks that mimic Sept. 11. The Copycat Effect is available from Amazon US and UK.
  • Europe is failing to clean up its air. Talk is cheap.
  • Much to the chagrin of global warming proponents, CO2 is not polluting the atmosphere at the rate that we generate it. So, where does the CO2 go?
  • Methane ice on the seafloor may hold a big tsunami risk as well as a great energy potential. What could go wrong?
  • A Welsh inventor has a rooftop plan to harness wind power without the need for hideous turbines.
  • British researchers want you to burn flower power in your vehicle.
  • The demand for gasoline-electric hybrid vehicles is exceeding the supply. Fad?
  • How shall we explain the increased Atlantic hurricane activity – global warming or cyclical?
  • Hurricane Ivan the Terrible has killed several people in Granada and has Jamaica and Cuba in his sites. You guessed it – they’re evacuating Florida, again. Here’s the projected path and the track.
  • The Earth’s magnetic field is fading. Is that a ‘so what’?
  • Linda Moulton Howe has an update on the Ohio corn pictogram – Were there balls of light?
  • You sound skeptical; don’t you believe that jinn exist?
  • Sweden’s Great Lake Monster will soon be fair game for hunters and curio seekers, as its protected status is about to be lifted. Trophy time!
  • A peculiar beastie, a mini Loch Ness Monster, has washed-up on the shore of Whitehaven (UK).
  • Aliens saved a family from collision to protect a pregnant woman.
  • Alleged witchcraft forces closure of a school.
  • There’s a quest to shed light on the secrets of Rosslyn Chapel, if any.
  • Genesis scientists try to salvage solar dust.
  • The White House plans to share earth data with other nations. Oh no, they’ll see the Big Board!
  • Was there life or just water on Mars? Gas may yield clue to life on Mars.
  • NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope has set its infrared sight on a major galactic collision and witnessed not death, but a teeming nest of ‘life’.
  • UK scientists using the Cassini probe find a new ring and one, possibly two, new objects orbiting Saturn.
  • Ground control to MIT: Shoot for the moon, then get us to Mars, ASAP.

Thanks X_O, Marlin, and Kat.

Quote of the Day:

Methinks we are flagellating a deceased equine quadruped here.

The Daily Grail
Tue, 07/09/2004
in reference to Zahi Hawass’ rejection of the theories
of two French Egyptologists.