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So, the War on Terror cannot be won? Depends on the purpose of it in the first place. If it was to increase domestic government powers, increase taxes and reduce civil liberties then it has been an unqualified success.

  • War on terror cannot be won.
  • Curious circle: Retiree seeks explanation for mysterious ring
  • Sceptic spots UFO.
  • Why an orgasm really is all in the mind.
  • Humans march to a faster genetic drummer than other primates.
  • Scan as damaging as atomic bomb.
  • Brain may produce its own antipsychotic drug.
  • The flying triangle enigma.
  • Sitting in front of a screen for hours can do irreparable harm to a child’s eyesight.
  • Questions in Qumran.
  • Jedi Academy opens in Romania.
  • Toothpaste, water and sunshine equals energy for the future.
  • A catalogue of false terror warnings.
  • Enron boss pleads guilty to conspiracy. So who else did he implicate to make it a conspiracy?
  • Adam and his eves. There’s nothing so certain than the story born of unjustified axioms.
  • Fred Whipple passes on at 97.
  • Egyptian mummy unwrapped by scanning.
  • Portable atomic clock is the size of a grain of rice.
  • Life on Mars: a definite possiblility.
  • Planet madness continues with two new discoveries.
  • Neolithic homes unearthed at roadside.
  • Ancient Pasargadae threatened by construction of dam.
  • A sleeping giant lies under Afghan sands.

Quote of the Day:

When war is declared, truth is the first casualty.

Arthur Ponsonby