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A warm North Pole. Next, it’ll be the cradle of humanity. Post your thoughts.

  • North Pole was once subtropical. Extreme global warming? Or different tilt of the axis? Or mantle displacement?
  • Why the Pole is melting – Velikovsky’s red dust?
  • Another white horse like the one in Uffington?
  • New fissure opens on Etna volcano.
  • New world walkabout claim. More here.
  • Pennine mystery of Viking burial site.
  • Scientists near the making of memory. What is memory? Difference and redundancy.
  • Solution to the Poincare conjecture?
  • Were lost tribe the real young Americans?
  • Choices in the quantum universe: Nine questions from mortal men doomed to die.
  • 161 years of soil tests reveal nuclear fallout.
  • Mysteries of the left pinky.
  • Brain research: pay it no mind.
  • Does inborn temperament stay with us for most of our lives?
  • Let a thousand reactors bloom.
  • Technology versus torture.
  • Election prediction: four more years or four more variables?
  • Noah’s Ark plan for top moon man.
  • V2: Nazi Germany’s last weapon of terror.
  • Physical activity a better predictor of heart disease than obesity.
  • Link between global warming and evolution revealed.
  • Cosmic fireballs to solve old paradoxes in astrophysics.
  • 4000 year old longhouse unearthed at Alta in Finnmark.
  • Inca Mummy the source of Munch’s The Scream? No person would ever stack books this way.

Thanks Kat

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