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John Mack dies

John Mack, the infamous Harvard researcher of the alien abduction phenomenon and its resultant effects on the psyche, has been knocked down and killed by a drunk driver in London.

To read the full announcement go here.

Ed’s note: – I’ve also written a quick tribute this morning to Dr Mack. Please excuse its brevity.

  1. A Sad Day
    Hi all,

    What a way to wake up in the morning, a real kick in the stomach. Thanks for posting this Jameske. TDG offers its condolences to the family and friends of Dr John Mack on this sad day.

    After reading a lot of John Mack’s work I have enormous respect for his intellect and bravery. A Pulitzer-prize winner, Mack alienated (no pun intended) himself from the ‘orthodox’ establishment by suggesting that the alien abduction phenomenon may have a literal basis (although not necessarily as a part of 20th century concensus reality) in his books Abduction and Passport to the Cosmos.

    I was hoping to interview Dr Mack soon for TDG, but sadly that day will now never come. John Mack was a true scientist, taking all possibilities into account and thinking outside the paradigm when necessary. One of a rare breed, his legacy will live on through the research of others who stand on his shoulders. He cannot be replaced though.

    Readers not familiar with Dr Mack’s work can find essays on the John Mack Institute website and fascinating lectures in MP3 format on the Passport to the Cosmos website.

    I invite others to share their thoughts on the man and his research here, in tribute of a life well-lived.

    Peace and Respect

    You monkeys only think you’re running things

  2. Great Loss
    It’s almost inevitable that trite phrases (such as “Great Loss”) are expressed at a time like this — the shock and disbelief reduce us to well-worn platitudes.

    Even so, John Mack is one of those genuine scholars whose work will not be fully appreciated until a generation, or two, has passed. I suspect his paradigm-breaking work will open doors through which our descendants will walk.

    It is a mercy to know that his last day was a pleasant one and that his final talks were well-received — and it’s a terrible shame that there will be no more.

  3. Dr Mack’s honesty and courage
    Dr Mack’s honesty and courage will be sorely missed, and I can only hope others will continue his work with the same integrity and commitment. I hope he’s in a place now without the pettiness of humanity, the ridicule and snobbery he suffered while on Earth.

    “Read like a butterfly, write like a bee.” – Philip Pullman

  4. Only the good die young…
    Having known John Mack for a brief period of his life, in 1995, when the forces of the establishment tried to reign in his effort to bring this subject to the general audience, his vitality and perseverance for a man then 65 years old were remarkable. John was not old, even though 74 might seem that to many who did not know him.
    Specific condolences for those who knew him and journeyed with him, specifically for Dominique and Karen.

    I would like to think of John Mack as another Terence McKenna or a Freddie Mercury: their genuine contribution and achievements are fully realised once they are no longer around, and we miss them…

    Filip Coppens

    1. LoneCrow
      This sucks.

      I bought his book when it first came out. He really hasn’t done much of anything since the big book, but the pieces I’ve seen here nad there were pretty good.

      Was the person who hit him caught?

      1. Cut out the conspiracy bulldust, please
        Have you personally inspected all of the evidence? Have you spoken to the drunk-driver? No you bloody well haven’t. Your accusations of conspiracies, even in jest, are highly offensive and have no basis in fact. By crying conspiracy, and posting anonymously, you make a mockery of Dr Mack’s death. His memory deserves better than that.

        1. ‘Twas me
          Hi Rico,
          I posted the last comment thinking I was logged in when I wasn’t.
          You are right in what you say, but the facts are out there for the sudden deaths of many people involved in other worldy stuff.
          Again, the sudden and strange deaths of microbiologists are a bit over the norm don’t you think.
          This is an alternative site after all, so don’t be surprised that people are going to suspect something when they hear of a sudden death in this community.


          1. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar
            No worries, Shadows.

            I agree, the many deaths of microbiologists (tops of their fields at that), in the 1990s is cause for alarm, but to automatically apply conspiracy theories to the death of Dr Mack the day of his death without any evidence whatsoever is taking it too far.

            Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. Dr Mack died tragically due to the selfishness of one moron, no more no less.

            That’s my last word on the subject. I’d rather remember Dr Mack’s life than argue (and conspire) over the circumstances of his death.

            Peace and respect,


          2. Dr. Mack
            I am so sorry to hear about Dr. Mack’s death. I wish his family and friends peace of mind. Goodbye Dr. Mack.

          3. John Mack’s death
            I want to know WHY we don’t have a name and personal history of John’s killer… Who knows who he is, and what his bank account looks like recently. When a man of Mack’s significance is run down, it’s appropriate to be suspicious. Too many of us are in such denial about the state of the world. WHY don’t we have any facts on John’s killer????

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