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If news was slow last week, it went away for a holiday over the weekend. So today’s news is a mix of this and that and everything in between.

  • Some guy named Greg Taylor has new articles posted on Graham Hancock’s website. Remember the name, one day he’s going to be famous.
  • Michael Hayes has a new book, High Priests, Quantum Genes. He’s discussing his work over at Graham Hancock’s Mysteries Forum as the Author of the Month. Subscriber response has been disappointing so I highly recommend everyone give his books a read and plague him with questions.
  • The discovery of a 1300-year-old handwritten copy of the Qur’an has been made public.
  • NASA plans rescue shuttles. Thunderbirds are go!
  • Innovative technology may help clean up pollution.
  • Only in Australia: bananas will generate electricity for homes of the future. In related news, monkeys in Australian zoos protest the confiscation of their bananas. Being a Queenslander, Greg Taylor rejoices and throws out his old solar panels.
  • North Korea has an environmental crisis.
  • This could be linked to the Asian continent’s water crisis. This is the perfect example why a big population isn’t necessarily better.
  • Do you enjoy telling people off? According to a study, many people do. Now get back to work, you lazy good-for-nothing TDG readers!
  • A US White House report says people are the cause of global warming. Duh. People are the cause of all the world’s problems.
  • El Nino won’t go away, according to U.N. agency.
  • A mystery beast in Texas ate 35 chickens in one day.
  • The remains of 3000-year-old Pacific Islanders had their skulls removed and replaced with shell bracelets.
  • Artifacts found in Nicaragua could shake up Central American history. Aye carumba.
  • A deceased man’s family find a solid gold Viking arm ring in his attic. In related news, grandparents across the UK have their attics raided by gold-hungry relatives.
  • Flying cars are still decades away. I’m so disappointed, when I was a kid 20 years ago I thought we’d all be driving hover cars and wearing tight-fitting silver suits by the year 2004.
  • Psychologists in Stockholm think that if your boss is a charming, well-educated and polished leader intent on climbing the career ladder, then he/she could be a psychopath.
  • A friendly killer whale is damaging boats. This headline should read: Idiots in boats are damaging killer whale.
  • Dinosaur kangaroos are spotted in Chile. Perhaps eyewitnesses were hallucinating after eating kangaroo chili hotpot that was out-of-date and older than the dinosaurs?
  • Queen Victoria’s underwear secret. Hrmm, I wonder if the founder of Victoria’s Secret lingerie knew about this?
  • A Kentucky Presbytarian studies paranormal phenomena.
  • Scientists say full moons have no influence on earthly events. Oh yeah? Then explain why Bill turned into a werewolf and ate 35 Texan chickens!
  • From Fortean Times, an intriguing tale about a mysterious object photographed on the ocean floor in 1964.
  • The planet Venus may once have been habitable?
  • Ford is destroying its stock of TH!NK electric cars, saying they’re economically unviable.
  • Japanese Salarymen swelter in business suits during summer. Could air-conditioned jackets be the answer? Or society could be a little more lenient and allow for business people to dress practically in the hot summer months, but no, the complicated option is much better, the Salaryman must wear a shirt and tie at all costs! My heartfelt sympathies go out to the very sweaty and forever suffering Salaryman — may you get to crack open an ice-cold Asahi after work my friends!
  • There’s a new book called Bigfoot The Musical. Not to be confused with a broadway production of Jerry Springer the Opera.
  • Are you an American and can’t decide between Bush, Kerry or Nader? Then vote Bono for President (with Tool’s leadsinger James Maynard Keenan as Vice-President). When asked if he’d like to enter politics, Bono replied, “I don’t think I could live with the pay cut or moving to a smaller house.”

Arigato Mitch and Asahi.

Quote of the Day:

I’m sick and tired of party politics. You know, the left, the right – I’m sick of the left, I’m sick of the right. Even the liberals are giving me a pain in the ass. We need new solutions to old problems.