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Today’s News is 99.9% politics free. It may contain traces of peanuts and personal bias.

  • Remember the Kent County Court House ghost caught on security camera earlier this year? It’s an insect according to the security company who studied the recordings, and they say it’s happened before. Yeah, but have they considered it could be the ghost of an insect?
  • Want to catch your own ghost? A ghostbusting kit will soon be mass-marketed. I always wanted to be Venkman.
  • Richard Freeman’s report of his expedition to Sumatra in search of the Orang-Pendek and other cryptozoological mysteries.
  • Fancy learning more about Cryptozoology? Check out Ben Roesch’s Online Cryptozoology Archives.
  • Does a dinosaur named Mokele-Mbembe exist in the African Congo?
  • The world may be getting smaller, but there’s still plenty of wild territory for Extreme Expeditions.
  • Bizarre creatures of Japan. No, not lolita-goths and cosplayers, but goblins and ape-men. Genki link!
  • An excellent website detailing Archaeoastronomy in Japan. Of particular note is the star chart of Kitora Kofun.
  • Cesare Berrini’s theories of Tiahuanaco’s Gateway of the Sun.
  • Explorers find new districts of ancient city in Peruvian Andes. If similar expeditions could get decent funding, I’m sure more discoveries could be made in South America.
  • Paul Stonehill, of the China Paranormal Research Center, presents an interestin article about Ancient China’s mysterious Yellow Emperor, Huang-Ti.
  • Gusev Crater on Mars may contain evidence of a watery past. The evidence is watery because Skeptics keep peeing on it.
  • Are magnetic hills a hoax or the real deal?
  • Greens call for action on Scotland’s chaotic summer weather. Cernig wonders if it’s safe to return. It is, but only when the soccer’s not on.
  • First Dr Wynn warns of massive tsunamis smashing America’s east coast, now he says he was exaggerating and the volcanic collapse of the Canary Islands will only cause mini waves. Surfs up, Prez.
  • Butterflies are disappearing, possibly due to climate change. Butterflies are symbolic of what, according to Jung? Post your answers and I’ll think of a prize.
  • Hopes for an International Linear Collider to be built are rising.
  • The darkest body in the universe may be a moon that partners Sedna.
  • A shortage of primates for lab experiments could slow medical breakthroughs. Uh … any volunteers?
  • The world is experiencing an increase in dust storms. Where’s Iorek Byrnison when you need him?
  • Munch’s painting The Scream has been stolen. Give it back, Greg: administrating TDG isn’t that stressful and it hardly looks like you anyway.
  • A woman hanging out her washing becomes the first person in Britain to be hit by a meteorite. What surprises me is that other people in the world have been hit by meteorites! I wonder if she saw stars?
  • Impact craters hidden under the Antarctic ice sheet are mapped.
  • A strain of China’s Avian flu is discovered in pigs.
  • A US County Sheriff suspects “Al-Qaeda or teenagers” for a string of unsolved petty crimes.
  • A feel-good cute animal story to end today’s news, as Henry the new-born leatherback turtle swims out to sea.

Quote of the Day:

The essential thing in art cannot be explained.

Pierre-Auguste Renoir